Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Annual Awards

Its that time of the Year Fam when ya boy Smooth starts handin out the Year end awards and recognizes the impact people phrases and causes that rocked the year 2007.

You know Ima come hard with Sports..I also plan to bring in the It Girl of the year, It Brutha, Guy who should retire, Girl who should just go away, and many many more...

As many of you know, I love watchin television. I have atleast 15 shows im watchin on a constant. Sadly ony 4 could be nomimated as my finalist, and only one could win out..

TV Show Nominees

1. The Wire

I dont know how to describe it, I'll just say this. Imagine a show that was so good, that you looked forward to the repeat of it. The Wire hit home hard if you grew in a rough city enviroment and saw it from a young age...

2. Dexter.

The guilty pleasure I get watchin this show should be illegal. A serial killer who works for the police force. Incredible.

3. Lost

Tie for Best season finale of last year. So we know Kate and the Doctor got off the island, but thats all we got. Shows shouldnt be allowed to tease you like that. There cliffhanger was nothing short of spectacular. Ripped up newspaper with an obit of a dead island member..And, the doc tryin to get back to the island..Tough TO BEAT..

4. Law and Order SVU

The other best finale, Luda came through and ripped them all to shreads..Not only that, he also got off b/c of it. Benson and Stabler were challenged all year, and some of the cases were jaw dropping..


The Wire...

I didnt chose Dexter, b/c I tivo and go back to it..I caught on to it late, and the Desperate Housewives gals were there first. I didnt chose SVU, b/c they came outta the gate slow this year. I didnt chose Lost, b/c there finale was evidently so good, that they decided to take the rest of 07 off..

I chose The Wire because that show is the TRUTH! Every character has the ability to take the show over and run with it. From the Crakhead who just wants a better life for his nephew, to the kid tryin to escape his momz shadow..Its all to the good fam..Its the best show on TV...January 6th can come fast enough.


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