Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Summary Friday, and My Old School Tribute

Here's all you need to know about my summary of Las Vegas Fam...IM BROKE!!!!

Hell, I may even owe a little money to my job from this trip..(who am I kidding, I know I owe, a nicka just scared to know how much he owe..)


As I speak to you live from my soon to be empty hotel room, let me give yall some final pointers about this piece that I learned while I allowed last night to suck my bank account like a vaccuum at in a dust bowl...

Robert was wrong for this track fam..Say what you want to about him, but he killed this joint...

1. Scared money aint makin SH!T...

Peep game, anyone thinking there gonna gamble with couch change aint breakin thre bank out here..Every machine, dealer, and game you play has some built in trigger that knows yo ass is tryin to flip a 20 spot into a 100 dollar lick...The adjustments are set so it gives you the indication that youre doing a good jobIE, they'll let you get up btwn 5 to 10 dollars on them before th e hammer drops. In the case of a human, they'll the change dealers out. In the case of the machine, they'll go on a massive 6 game win or push streak forcin you to put your nutz on the table, or go home..I called this system , the Cheapfolk Indicator... Fam, no matter your race or taste, it never fails, you try to cheap out Vegas, it will find out, and you will lose..TRUST ME...

2. Keep Tip Money!

They comp you on so much ish out here, you gotta show love fam. How come I ate at 5 buffets on the strip that would go anywhere from 15-20 bucks a buffet depending on time for FREE...

All the materdees, bartenders, dancers, waitresses, etc ask for is a little appreciation. My coworker and I figured this out, and even though I may have spent 50 in tips since Sunday to now, that 50 saved me about an extra 2-300 dollars on food, parking, and discounts on the George Wallace show..BTW, that cat is funny! As for Toni, fam she a little out the Kids budget..(try 150 a ticket at the minimum...)

3. Grown and Sext wins every time.

Try getting inside Studio 54, Pure, Club 702,(pop casino clubs) Anywhere in Ceasers, Bellagio, Flamingo or Certain Parts of the Tropicanna with Jeans and Sneakers on..Go ahead i'll wait..I assure you I wont be waiting long. For my ladies, try showin up here lookin like a HOOD-8 and convining yo self that here men will notice..Look around the room ladies and tell me yall dont see the difference between what you can and cant get away with. Every woman here is either a tourist or a prostitute, and 95% of them is makin yo hood-8 look like a Vegas -1. And so you know a Vegas -1 equals about a grownfolk 2..Imagine going to the hot spot in yo city with rollers in yo hair, faded jeans, and scuffed up sneaks..

People, I cant stress it enough, you aint comin to vegas, with yo local rules and tryin to make them apply here. It just aint gonna happen when it comes to fashion. Fellas pack slacks, tell B at the barber shop to make it count, and bring dress shoes you can walk in.

Ladies, Bring bag for your hair products, an empty bag (so you can have no excuse as to why you didnt have any room in your luggage for all the new ish you just bought) and bring all the stuff thats hangin in the closets with the tags on. Yall know what im talkin about to .That stuff you alway's tell yo self you have no good reason to wear it where you at stuff. You'll need it all here.

Rule-4 Learn who's the go to people in yo Casino/Hotel..

Made my life easier here by 100 percent when i figured out who was takin care of me , at the bar, cafe and etc. Hidden gems are everywhere here. They wont tell you, you just have to find out who they are. Peepz did you know that as long as you gamblin drinks are comped here. They wont tell you unless you ask, BUT, my bartender hook up noticed I ran up a 60 dollar tap on night 3, told me to slip him a 5 and put 10 in the machine and walla , he comped me. I cashed out my 10 and essentially turned a 60 dollar drink fee into a 5 dollar loss.. Thats gangsta..And so you know, most casinos do this..You just have to ask ahead of time. No matter if youre staying here or not. Vegas wants your money..Vegas feels if they keep you drinkin, it will all balance out..Trust me on this it does..

Finally Bring Money fam.

I know i said that before to, but trust you aint making it out here if you dont have ATLEAST 150- 200 bucks a day. You just wont.

That about covers it for me fam. Its time for me to load the vehicle and get back to San Antonio.

For my first timers, take note that this is my account as a fellow first timer to this place. For my regulars, I dont know how I plan to do it, but please welcome me into the fold. This place has made my go once a yr if nothing else list for life..


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