Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Location From Las Vegas!!

People this place is Sick!!!!!! Its grown and sexy, times grown and sexy. Im sitting in my hotel room right now choking down a Big Ass 22oz HIGH OCTANE "Shame o' the Strip" at the Exacilbur. Part of me wants to catch the George Wallace Show, and part of me wants to cruise the strip..So many choices to choose from, I dont know where to begin. But, let me just say this..I plan on doing alot of drunk bloggin..Dont hold it against me..Its Vegas..If I blog at all, consider that a plus for ya boy...

Oh, I got the American Gangster CD.....4.5 out of 5...Track 9 a Mutha!


At 10:05 AM , Blogger P said...

Vegas is only four hours away from the Cali folks.


As you can see, Vegas is NOT just a city. . .It's a whole nuther world. . . .total subculture going on. As you can see, (if this is your first time there), the strip really IS, the strip. There are places off the strip as well, but you have to see it to be able to visualize it. And I'm sure you've seen the "Palace Station" home of your boy OJ.

While you are there, you NEED to go to the Carnival buffet at RIO. It's ridiculous.

NOW. While you're sitting up there talking about figuring out what you were going to be doing, you should have bet on black and came and gave a hello holla to P, who was there all weekend for a wedding (at the Monte Carlo).

At 11:11 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I just got to Vegas Last night, and unless yo peepz wanted to kick it with the OWC,(old white click it was prolly best I kicked it at the excalibur..
When we go on these trips, we have to meet with our host, and they showed they naked white asses last night..We all got hammered to the floor...

Take all of P's comments for what they are fam, Vegas is THE MOST DIFFERENT PLACE YA BOY HAS EVER TRAVELD TO. . And I have an extensive resume when it comes to traveling..Sydney,Paris,Amsterdam,Singapore London..etct name a few..

this place is nuts...

At 11:14 AM , Anonymous Ya Boy said...

Man I told you last week that place wasnt for the weak!

Man I hope you dont try to make some bets out there..Ya picks werent to hot last week in the Pros cat!

At 12:06 PM , Blogger P said...

Hahaha! Ya boy. . .

It is indeed, not for the faint or weak at heart. There are things (and people) to do for everybody.

24/7: Pandora's Box, Sodom and Gomorrah, and all things Entertainment related. You can see everybody from Toni Braxton to Neil Sedaka. You can see a children's show or an all nude revue. You can watch a movie, bowl, and gamble your life away in almost every casino. You can pray at any nearby storefront church, or confess your sins in the back of a TaxiCab.

PS: Please do yourself a favor and go to the Rio Buffet, right off the strip. You will not be disappointed. (You may also want to work out an extra thirty minutes a day after you do it). The Rio Carnival World Buffet (as all the buffets are in Vegas) is SICK!!!


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