Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Funky Fresh NBA Preview

Lets roll Right into it....

Eastern Conference. 1-16

1. Celtics

Best big three tandom ballin....They'll trade for a Pg ..(NBA Finals)

2. Pistons

Still possess A TOP NOTCH 5. They'll be hungry after Lebron one man ganged them(Eastern Conference Finals)

3. Chicago

Solid nucleus..But they still lack IT guy..If you know who ends up here, and they can trade little to get him, i'll reconsider. For Now (2nd round loss)

4. Miami

D-wade and Shaq are always gonna be a force ..I just dont know if they have anything else. (1st round loss)

5. Toronto

Sleep on them, and you'll miss the East coast Warriors..(1st round loss)

6. Cleveland

It was a fluke..Lebron cant do it alone.. its not gonna be pretty...(1st round loss)

7. Nj Nets

There nucleus is still solid I like them to upset whoever they catch in the first round

(2nd round loss)

8. Orlando Magic.

This spot will change once Howard, and Lewis get a 2 guard in there...

(1st round loss)

The Rest...

The Knicks have a bunch of OK guys who all want the ball. The Hawks dont have a player on the roster older then me (29). The Bobcats have the greatest player to ever play, and the dumbest Owner ever..Ironically that guy is one in the same. The Wiz are gonna get exposed. People see Gilby's act coming a mile away. The Pacers and Bucks make me laugh..Contraction lives here..

The 76'ers might be the one team on the rise, but Iversons lost is gonna sting for another 2 yrs.

What you need to be watchin for.

The Trade scenario's that involve Kobe. If he lands in the Chi, and they can get him for nothing..OOOOHHHH......

The Wild Wild..

1. Phoenix.

Marrions not happy, It doesnt matter, the'yll win with or without him. (NBA Finals)

2. Dallas

Cubans going after catz if this team doesnt produce. (West Finals)

3. San Antonio

No way this team with no athletes past Parker does it again. (2nd round loss)

4. Utah

They lack athleticism as well, but I love Darren Williams and Boozer

(2nd round loss)

5. Houston

New coach means new offense to learn (1st round loss) TMAC may request trade

6. Golden State

Dont worry everybody caught yall act. No surprises this year (1st round loss)

7. Denver

If Carmelo is on top of his game with AI, watch out (1st round loss)

8. Lakers

Best player on earf..IF he stay's he'll get em in.

The rest.

Portland, Damn..Minnesota, well, atleast you got draft picks commin. NO, Chris Paul cant do it alone. Memphis, best young team you know nothing about. Clippers, I had such high hopes BEFORE, the Brand injury. Seattle , give it another 2 yrs. Dont worry when the times right, this team will have moved...Finally Sacramento, yet another team contraction worthy...

Things to watch for

Another team is on Kobe watch to watch out for. Dallas..They get him, and team him with Dirk and Howard..Well, sir you can call it a wrap.

NBA Finals

Celtics V. Phoenix

Phoenix in 6

NBA First Team

Kobe Bryant

Lebron James

Dirk Nowitzski

Steve Nash

Yao Ming

Defensive Player of The Year

Ben Wallace


Steve Nash

It took me awhile to come to this pick,but his team is going to come out for throats. Plus he'll be on the team winning it all....I picked his team last year, and if not for the Dirty Spurs Idve came out gold on it. This year he cashes in.


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