Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Things Wrap Up and Special Houston Texans Commentary

Well Peepz this football weekend like all the onse before came and went with top ranked college teams falling, Pro Teams getting embarrassed and even a Randy Moss confirmation of his God Like Status. With that said, Im only doing 5 things for College , and 5 for the Pros. I have alot to say about my Hometown team the Houston Texans, and IT will engulf alot of my post.

5 Things I learned From College Football.

5. Good Luck picking a winner in the Big East. Your new leader....UCONN (the Girls B-ball school)

4. Fire Coach Calahan. Fire Coach Weis. Fire Franchione. All need to happen alas, only one is certain at this point.

3. Cal , WTF?? Many of yall hit me upset about the rank drop. Then yall go and lose to UCLA...Damn.

2. My Ducks, My lovely Ducks! HUGE GAME AT HOME THIS WEEK. Bring it, andyou become everyone's sleeper

1. Mark my words, the SEC will be in the Championship Game this year. Its just uncertain who the winner of that Conference will face. (My money is on Oregon)

5 Things I learned From the Pros.

5. The Patriots were hand picked from GOD! That team is Sick. Stupid Sick. Moss is the best at his position, and this shouldnt be up for debate.

4. The Cowboys are dealing in the NFC, but they still have to play the Redskins and the Giants. They dont appear to be going away anytime soon.

3. Colt fan, just keep flying under the radar. Tonights win wont mean much, but its anotyher notch on the belt.

2. Titan fan, you won without Vince. How cool is that? If he were on the field, it can be assumed that yall may have blew the roof off that piece alot worser then what it was.

1. Steeler fan that was a statement game. People argued that yall record didnt reflect a quality win. Now with that loss to Denver last night, that debate can be validated. Step it up Omar Epps that team plays in a gruesome division. Every win counts.

Texans Special Commentary From the Cheap Seats.

The Good.

You proved yesterday that this team has heart. That can never be taken away from this franchise . Except for the Jacksonville lost, every defeat has been a tough one to swallow, and youve been every game to the very end. Sage is by far and away a top notch back up, build from that, he can be great trade bait in the offseason.

The Bad

Mario Williams is a BUST. Period To be selected #1 overall and play like a ballroom dancer at the D-line position speaks very pathetically of either A. your coaching, or B your ability. You get 58 million dollars to dance around with a 300 pound man every week. Trixie, Champagne, and Cinnamon, think you charge way to much for a dance without a proper finish. Petey Faggins, another person that shouldnt be starting, how do you remain on this roster. Fred Bennett must be out the package raw to not have jumped you by now. Finally Travis Johnson. You started all this D-line drafting nonsense. Can a brother get a string of consistency from you so he can at least acknowledge youre on the field. Youre getting outplayed by a 20yr old rookie. MAN thats bad!

The Ugly.

The Texans Running game is about as bad as it gets. 39 TOTAL rush yards. Are you freaking kidding me??? Ive seen in atleast 4 highlights were a running back from a team had that many in one play alone. Ive been a proponent of chasing an o-lineman in the draft like the next guy, but ive changed theat stance. GO GET MC FADDEN. Please make this pick. He's solid, freakish, can catch, run, and power his way around the field. Oh yeah, that catz pretty freaking fast to. Its a no brainer on offense you MAY have 1 guy who's a total athlete, (and he's injured) you gotta go and get that stud if he's there. 5-11, or 4-12. Its not the end of the world, heck youre use to losing.

Look any team losing to a team lead by Kerry Collins needs to strongly consider shaking things up. Can you imagine if Vince started that game? This franchise had a serious spark when it ran out the gate at a 2-0 clip. Now people have figured out how average you are. You wont win with a bunch of tough no names. Get the names to make this team good. It has to be this way. Or else, you'll suck. Royally!


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