Thursday, October 11, 2007

People Who Suck at Customer Service

I typically give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Im the kind of person who TRIES to somewhat see the positive an ANYTHING. Today however, after dealing with C-------l Airlines, I learned that some people just are MEAN, NASTY AND bottom line HATEFILLED..

I woudlnt NORMALLY list these people are there companies, but today Im feeling a little more amped. (Partly b/c im fresh off the phone call) With that said here's my list and reason why the following people are flat out nasty in regards to customer service and despitethere best efforts, may never change.

10. Blockbuster. (1996-2002) I put the date's there for a reason. A brutha use to run around like OJ in the airport tryin to get to Blockbuster Before noon so he wouldnt incur the late fee. Somehow it didnt matter. I can remember like its still fresh on my mind the comment the Blockbuster girl told me when I walked in once at 1210 pm vice noon. " Sir its late..It doesnt matter..." 10 F*----g Minutes..

9. Anyone Selling You Cable...Dont believe the Hype fam. Ive had them all (DISH, DTV,Comcast, Time Warner)These people will DO ANYTHING to get your business. Once they have it, I defy you call them with an issue regarding your service and expect a positive result. If its not the 10 hour window they throw at you , its the half hour minimun hold time you have to suffer through. My perosnal favorite is when your deal (the one they baited you with) expires and then its like they dont even know you and want to charge you double ..Try and explain your logic, and its "Sir we dont make the rules"

8. Frustrated Fast Food Counter Sista. Yall know who she is. She lives in every Major City and has the same scowl on her face that reads, I-can't-believe-So and So-didnt-answer-my-phonecall-last-night-and-now-I-have-to-deal-with-this-stupid-M-----F----- who-dont-know-if-he-wants-spicy-or-Barbecue Sauce..That Izz-itch can make some of the nastiest faces known to man. From the intense stare with lips pouted, to the eyes rolling with gum poppin so loud that it sounds like to grown men clappin. Often Ive wanted to yell at this peroson " You know a smile makes a world off a difference" but out of complete cowardness I back down. I allow my sisters or wife to handle female on female verbal attacks..

7. The San Antonio DMV.. Now I shouldnt have to go into detail about this fine organization, but lets just say this. If its not the Nearly 1hr you have to wait in line, its the fact that you may have the wrong ________form thus requiring you to go back to your car and get it. Rather then hold your spot or have you wait to the side when you return, in San Antonio, you start all over. And the -itch running the line has deleted everything. So you have to refill and refile everything all over again.

6. Over the Phone Plane Ticket Personnel for C--------l Airlines...B/c I fly so frequently I wont give there name out, but they know who they are. This useless bunch of people have the audacity to charge a homey 2 and 3 times the normal rate b/c his ticket (even though it wasnt cancelled) was changed . When I tried to apply my miles I wasn then put on hold for 20 minuts only to be told im 70 miles short..Sorry...

5. Subway. This one hurts but needs to be said. What, a homey can't get anymore then 3 pieces of meat on his sandwhich without being charged extra? I think its funny that when it comes to veggies, they'll literally hand pick out how many you get , except for lettuce. They have no problem grabbing a handful of lettuce and drowning your sandwhich with it. But meat, oh yeah, dont think on the first go round youre getting what you deserve. And forget about Tuna..They scoop that like there distributing Solid Gold. You get the bare minimum.

4. The Beautiful People at ______Celluar... Lets just say this, you wanna tell a homey when he can actually use those rollover minutes so when he goes to his cell bill he doesnt pass out when he sees the following.

Plan 1000 Nights and Weekends

Used 1200

Rollover 563???

Used 0 How does that work?

Shouldnt it read 363 ..Why charge me for extra minutes when I clearly have 500+ unused. This was back in 04..I havent went back to that company since. My people told me that they've made strides in correcting this problem but it irked the life outta me then. The C-Service girl I talked with..Yeah her supervisor and I became real good friends. I can still remember her agent

3. Pissed Off Gas Attendant/Qwikee Mart Worker. Hey man, you chose that job, If I want to walk in that piece with a pocket full of pennies planning to pay for Slurpee, M&M's and 3 dollars worth of gas, Take my MONEY! Its MONEY, its what its used for, purchasing things. If you want it rolled up, hang a sign. You think I wanted to come up to the spot with pennies??

2. Burned Cd/ Movie Guy. Look I know its not legal for you to sale it, but atleast give a brutha a heads up if the Movie is you and ya boys in a theater with a camera. Dont get offended if I ask, I just dont want to pay for you and Peanut's commentary. Look im as down for the cause as it gets, but you gotta work with me..Either come up with a way to get the GOOD BURNED copies, (yall know the ones, ) or dont sell to me at all. I hate the crapshoot.

1. L- P---t Day Care..This one hurts the most b/c I pulled my son from this daycare because of there horrible service. When you ask me to bring a change of clothes, and I provide them, why is it when my son has an accident, I roll up there to pick him up and he's in a diaper or even worse girls underwear?(both actually happened) I enquire about it, and you say you dont recall me bringing in a change of clothes. I point this out to you, and know you pass the buck on your assistant who didnt give you a proper turnover. Then you have the nerve to tell me it wouldnt have happened if he wouldve told us he had to go..No $h*-+ !! Thats why I brought the change of clothes, which were in HIS BOX! Fam, theres heated, and then there's whatever I was that day. To quote the sister who obsereved my tirade " You did better then me, they'd be callin the cops up here if this was my son..But, it was impressive to say the least. "

Situation 2. Thanks for giving me the 1 day notice for picture day at the daycare. Thats more then enough time to A. get my son a haircut, B have wifey scramble for an outfit for him, and C. have the funds in Cash ready. (You know most people dont carry cash )

Situation #3 Your frequent employer changes confused my child way to often. Kids need a system . Its been proven. My child at one day care in a 9 month period had 5 different providers. YET we were told that he'd have the ONE lady and her backup.

I can go on and on. As a consumer I dont think I ask for alot. If I do someone let me know. Are there any I may have left off that you feel need to be listed? Are there some that you disagree with, or feel that I may have slighted. Finally if you want the names I left off, hit the blog up, or as most of you do email me, I'll GLADLY fill in the blanks...


At 10:00 PM , Anonymous Gloria said...

SMOOTHIE... NOw that was some real ish!! I am with you on all of it espically that cable, and sista stuff! lol.... I am glad you took my nephew out of there!! Much love

At 5:48 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

yeah it was bad in that spot..he had to go.

i saw my favorite fast food attendant yesterday. She couldnt been more pissed ...I just dont get it??

At 12:51 PM , Blogger P said...

HAHAHA. This is the best list ever. Where do I start?

1. Blockhustler. I used to work there back in the day, and let me tell you. In the AM after we got the videos back that were after hours, we were CHOMPING at the bit to run that credit card through for the charges. (Back in the day, they didn't wait until you came back to pay, you had to sign on the dotted line that we were able to charge you. . .

9. Cable companies suck. Period. They will NICKEL and dime you (the high speed internet charge is obscene), but you have to play ring around the Cable to get a 25.00 credit. My cable (which I pay EVERY MONTH) gets shut off at least three times a year. About a few months ago, they shut off my cable and was supposed to shut off the neighbors, which had recently moved.

8. Fast food sista: I had to call in on one. She kept interrupting me. Boo, Boo, if you don't like your job at Carl's Junior, I'm sorry.

7. You can take off the "San Antonio". Every major US metropolis has DMV horror stories. And they wonder why drivers license pictures turn out bad.

6. Not much experience with over the phone ticket agents, but I can tell you that the on flight stewardesses (yes, I called them that). go through those motions so fast, do they really think I am going to remember what the phuck to do during a plane crash.

5. Subway - Nobody who works there looks like they want to work there.

4. You baggin on my last employer? By the way let me give you (and whoever else reads this) a tip. Say your nights start at nine (or seven, whatever). If you are on the phone at, say 8:50 through ten pm, and you think you are using only ten minutes of your 'anytime' think again. The system is NOT that sophisticated. Hang the phone up at 9:01 and call them back. If you don't you will be using 70 of your anytime minutes. It won't just automatically transition into 'nights and weekends'. So be careful.

3. HAHAHAHA @ Qwikee Mart. How come those folks always look so TIRED?

2. OMG! I had to put an addendum on that. I don't like the bootleg guys getting all comfortable in my space, but I certainly don't like you harassing me in the beauty shop telling me you "Got that New Madea". Go away. Thank you.

1. Some of the day cares out here are world class Daddy Day Care. Other ones resemble R Kelly's school of music.

At 2:06 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

Ya Know P,

After reflection Fast Food Sista should probably rate alot higher then what she is. Very easily I can have her at #2 or even 1..That sister ith her propped up hat and nasty attitude needs to quit and get a job that caters to

As for your former employer, You know what the rock feel like. Them catz would amaze me with the concept of rollover minutes..To this day I still dont know how to apply them...Thats all I wanted to know..A brutha can run up a bill in a minute..

oh yeah one more thing..Blockbuster has now forever lost me..You just said what i knew but never had proof of. Man I hate them!!!


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