Monday, October 01, 2007

Football Wrap up and TVShow Premieres.

With so much to go into I hate that I made it a Policy to only give 10 things I ve learned and not 20. The same can be said for the College game to. With that said, lets roll right on into it.

10. Ask Donovan Mc Nabb how important it is to have a SOLID Left Tackle. How about he was sacked 12 times, including 6 by Osi Umenyora. Beastly!!!

9. do not be surprised if this webpage garners more hits then Craig Biggio facing the Reds. 14-2 last year, 1-3 this year. Norv It doesnt look good

8. How bout dem Cowboys. Que di se Superbowl perhaps?

7. Pittsburgh is going to regret losing the Gimme Game to Arizona, mark my words.

6. The Lions are 3-1. 7 more until Kitna is looked upon as a Genius

5. Speaking of the Lions, Bears fan, you lost to the Lions. How does that happen. Trainwreck has a name its called Bears.

4. Texan Fan dont feel bad about the loss to Atlanta. Without your best, you only lost by 10. Not to mention, you were in it, the entire game.

3. Raider Fan, I havent forgot about you. 2 in a row with Dante. I'm not saying keep him in, but.....

2. It appears all my closet Packer Fans are finding a wy to the light and in my face. I musta got about 10 different emails stating How little about packer football I knew..I'll remember these people in about 6 weeks.

1. The Superbowl Champs still look super. Somebody might want to pass that infor to the Patriots. Im just sayin..

College 10 Things

10. Texas, You are who we think you are.. Trash. Colt, bruh your team wear's burnt orange. Remember that when your'e passing.

9. Oklahoma, how do you quantify a lost to Colorado? Did Kordell, and the rest of the 93 crew suit up?

8. WVU?? See what you done gone and did? Now USF in the top 10. Way to play down to there level.

7. Rutgers. So you see WVU lose on Thursday, get the big head and gag one up to Maryland? The same Maryland that got boat raced by WVU..

6. Sorry Charlie, no win at Purdue Either. Man I'd give anything to hear the excuses you came up with following this lost. Didnt Notre Dame beat Purdue like 7 yrs in a row prior to this loss. Well, look at it this way, you have 9yrs to figure it out up there. Way to genius your way out of another win.

5. Fla. Many of my peepz had yall in the Big Championship game. Some still do. I dont. A lost to this Auburn ball club doesnt look good

4. USC.. You thought you was just gonna roll up to Seattle and walk out with a gimme huh? Wake uo, the Pac 10 is the new SEC (depending on who you ask) and that means evey game is gonna be just like the one you played against UW.

3. Speaking of the Pac-10, Ore V. Cal didnt dissapoint did it? I know it started slow, but it finshed strong, expect at least one of these teams to BEAT USC. I told you first.

2. LSU , you just keep flying under the radar with that defense that appears to be everywhere on the field. Eventually youre gonna get the props you deserve.

1. With 6 top 15 teams folding, I can officially say that College Football has finally gained some balance. It took awhile, but if you notice, MICH, NOTRE, and Penn St. are either Ranked high, or not at all. Tex. Fl St, and Miami once all powerhouses are now struggling. If you take a glance at the new leader boards, you'll notice that Kentucky, USF, and Boston College are ranked high. This spells parody. It was desperatly needed and now its finally here. Way to go little guys.

TV Premiere's We Love

Desperate Housewives

So I dont spoil those who wwatched Dexter and Tivo'd DH, I 'll give you the unofficial wrap up of the DH. Edie got some issues that may require a close eye on her. Carlos well lets just say needs to keep a closer eye on his funds. Someone on the show is expecting, and another someone is trying to squirm out of a marriage.

I'd love to go into detail, but I know the Dexter crowd may have Tivo'd DH. For a more accurate summary just hit me up via email and I'll run it down. 8.5 out of 10


Ah yes the show we all got the heads up from by yours Truly. If you can remember the season finale, the Ice Box Killer had taken Deb hostage and Dexter was faced with killing his biological brother, or his adopted sister. He ended up offing his biological brother. This saddened him for a little while.

Fast Forward to 36 days to the present. He's still being followed around by our favorite steroid story of a detective, he hasnt killed anyone since his brother, and now his sister has moved in. She's sloppy, so this frustrates are maticulous serial killer. He takes up bowling so he can appear normal. The story then shifts focus to a killer who leaves a body out by the beach. The suspect is a slam dunk, but the only person credible in fingering him just so happens to have a wtrap sheet. No problem right, Dexter will take care of it. Not so fast. He does capture the guy, but he's unable to kill him. The guy awakes from his coma and escapes Dexter's Kill box.

To make matters worse, Dexter's dumping hole is discovered by some deep sea divers thus possibly uncovering a secret Im sure he wanted no one to know. Now things are heating up.

The season looks as if Dexter is in for a treat with previews showing him in therapy of all places.

8.5 out of 10 .


At 1:49 PM , Blogger P said...

I had to TIVO Desperate housewives. I had a VERY long, bizarre weekend which included ended up at a mall at least an hour from my house listening to my ex philosophicing, my mother harassing me about emailing Tyler Perry for something (stop laughing), and arguing with my old school dad about cologne ("real men don't wear it") and women ("staying in their place")

**Sigh** I'm BURNT out. . . .

Smoothie, do you have a myspace page set up?

At 5:49 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

P, no I dont, (one of the last of a dying breed i guess..But im debating setting up a family one.)

I equate it to much to BP, and others..

yeah alot people told me that I may ruin there week when they go to the blog and catch certain TV spoilers that I type out. So my review is alot more conservative now. If someone wants specifics, I'll shoot them an email. Speaking of which, did you get mine regarding cali?


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