Thursday, September 27, 2007

What You know About Life?

Life is one of the many NEW Television Shows that debuted this fall, and I decided that given the plot it might be woth looking into. Its set around a cop wrongly accused for murder and after spending 12 yrs in jail, he's finally found not guilt by DNA evidence. Officer Crews (our cop) is paid somewhere btwn 20-50 million as that settlement, but insist that as part of the agreement he can return to being a cop as well.

In doing so, he's now looked on by his fellow cops as an outsider, and they pair him with another outsider Det. Dani Reese. (A cuite and former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.) Now, if youve been apaying attention to this blog, you know im a sucker for characters who lead double lives. THIS GUY DOESNT DISSAPOINT.

Officer Crews once a bad ass by mine and every body elses standards learned the art of ZEN while being locked up and now his internal struggle is keeping the peace and trying to find a calming solution to every situation. It gets close at times, but he manages to maintain well.

IF youre looking for a comparison think MONK with a Law and Order twist. I like it. Overall I'd give it a 7.5 with room for a full growth to a 8+ on a 10 pt. scale. Cool things to look for, He has no idea of IM, bluetooth, and mini cell phones.

In other Debut News.. The Grey's Anatomy spinoff dubbed
Private Practice got a serious thumbs down from the wifey. "Its hard to do Cali beyond the age of 19-25." She says Taye Diggs is trying waaayyy to hard, and Kate Walsh ISNT 23 anymore, DESPITE ABC wanting her to be. This wouldve worked alot better with a younger cast and room for her to lead. But, the ensemble cast which is late 30' and early 40's are about as much Cali as we are. Wifey gave Private Practice a 4 with little to know room for growth.


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