Monday, September 24, 2007

Portland Trip Report

Sometime's you never really know how much you miss gone, until you go back to it. I was in the Northwest over the weekend, and Man it felt great. 1st off, sorry for the no show on Friday,

I was in the airport, and I be d*mn#d if I'm paying for internet Service. It like air use to be free.
So as I was saying I got the chance to go back to the Northwest over the weekend to celebrate my li'l sisters wedding. (not real but d*mn close) Peepz I just realized The Northwest is my home. Everything about it, I just love. The weather was a nice 83 degrees in day, and a cool 75 at night, the people are still very friendly, and my coffee shops are still in plain view on every block . As far as Portland goes, I got to listen to some sports talk shows and as you can imagine, Greg Oden being out is still the story. The night life is at or around 6. The good is most of the R and B bars/clubs are really close to each other. (off MLK) The bad is there's only 2 R and B bars there total. Everything else is mix/ alternative. Now if youre up there and into scenery, I stayed at Jahnzten Beach Red Lion Hotel. Its location off the lake is simply breathtaking. I woke up to a lake front view over looking a mountain everyday. Thats some Pimp ish if ever Ive seen.


At 9:54 AM , Blogger P said...

So. . . .How was the wedding.

PS: Just based on the testosterone factor, I let you slide with the Halle Berry comments on my post. But anyway, as for me, I'm with you on Bill O'Reilly. He is supposed to be the authority on all things moral/legal, when this mofo was not even a decade ago, the host of sleazy azz "Inside Edition".

PS: Neva been to Portland. . . But it must have been nice going back to whence you came. It always feels good going home.

At 11:53 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

it was. I am a fan of all things North West.Its practically my mindframe and mentality to how I approach things. Bare in mind im A Very proud Houstonian. (Born and raised)

Whenever Halle i s getting it, I gotta step in..C'mon P, Halle. YOU actually do read my blog on a daily, you know Im not lettin her gett bashed.. Thats as heinous (sp)as murder to me...

Bill's a joke. I like how he claims to be no spin, yet he works for Fox, who is about as conservative and spent as it gets..


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