Monday, September 17, 2007

Football Recap, 10 Things, and Random Thoughts

I'm a go ahead and man up to it now. The Texans are 2-0 and I picked them personally to get embarrassed there first 2 games. That shocking. Being a Native Houstonian, but football fan. I try to be objective and fair as possible, but I just didnt think a change at QB was all it took. Clearly I was wrong. Next week they play the Colts. Im not picking them to win that game (though its in Houston ) either. The way I figure it, If I keep picking them to lose, and they keep winning then im doing my small part to keep the wins alive.

With that said, Lets Roll into the 10 things

10. Who Dat Who dat, who dat say they beat them Saints..Well everybody. Hows that "SEXY" superbowl pick looking now? Oh and Reggie, Ive seen about enough of you. Peyton thinks you need to tone down all the commercials.

9. About those Sexy Chargers..Yeah how's that looking? They ran up against a D that had no Rich Seymour or Harris and still got beat stupid. I'll say again, you need Wideouts to stretch the field, and that team has none.

8. Bengal Fan, I dont want to hear super and bowl in the same Paragraph unless yall are talking about the way Tupperware can hold a salad. 51 to the Browns. 200+ yards to J. Lewis..Please.

7. Panther Fan. Delhomme is solid. Your team just needs a solid #1 running back. Your thunder and lighting lack thunder. No one busted the ball up the gut thus the Texans played the corners and stuffed them.

6. Anyone catch Roy Williams Fantasy Numbers?? I did, 7 for 111 and a TD. Somebody told yall to start him. Self promoting and it feels so good. (The same can be said for LJ by the way)

5. Speaking of LJ. The wheels on the chiefs are coming off, coming off, coming off, the wheels one the Chiefs are coming off, you sould've paid TRENT... Herm, dont look back Whitlock is flaming you .

4. I'll tell you my dirty lil secret Lil secret , Dirty Lil secret ...The 49'ers are really good....And you know what else, theyre gonna win that division. Despite my earlier selection.

3. Vincites, it wasnt his fault they lost. That receiver dropping 3rd and 4 and I cried for you. Thats a catch you have to have. Period.

2. Giant Fan, welcome to the Darren McFadden Draft sweepstakes. Right now, youre behind Oakland, and Atl, but dont sweat Atl, they need a QB.

1. Stand up if you picked Dallas to go to the Super Bowl. Right now youre looking really Smart.

On to the Kids who do it for the Scholly!

10. Longhorn Fan, that was close. You dont need game like these with Oklahoma and A and M looming.

9. Ahh speaking of D. Mc Fadden..Well it wasnt that guy's fault they lost. (195 in rushing ) you just dont go into 'Bama with an agenda. It never works. Its Alabama all they can do is Play Football, that state has nothing else.

8. My boy Vince Jr. Dennis Dixon took it to Fresno. As probably one of the most ANTI Pac-10 people out there, I hate to admit it, but that conference is looking more and more like the teams to beat.

7. Notre Shame. Rarely do things bring a smile to my face as the sheer despicable play Notre Dame is doing. They cant block anyone, and cant stop anyone. They're awful, and it appears there's no relief in sight. AAAAAHHHH YESSS!!!!!!! Hows that genius with the 10 yr ext working out. No Offensive touchdowns since the 4th quarter of the Sugar Bowl...Classic. 0-3

6. Auburn. You to can wrap it up. Yrs of scheduling cupcakes early is finally getting to you like sugar to a diabetic. Keep it up Tigers, youre now that team people WANT to play.

5. Raise your hand if you fell for the USC/Nebraska Hype. This had blowout written all over it. Neb. will win the Big 12 North (seeing that no one else play in it) but leave the big boy Trojans to teams that can put them in their place. Youre not worthy.

4. WVU is really good. Damn good. There speed is something Louisville and Rutgers are gonna have problems with.

3. Guess I couldve left Louisville of that last comment. Kentucky. Kentucky, Cardinal Fan. The basketball school. Not good.

2. Gator fan, stay under the Radar. Just like last year no one thinks you can do it. It is the SEC and though many people respect IT as the toughest conference No bar, people are not sold on you. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR...(thats all im sayin)

1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKLAHOMA you are my SEXY new team of the week. Your defense is great, that kid at QB is a young stud, and those book ends at WR are stretching the field. Boy when yall run Texas out of the River, make room on the bandwagon, its gonna get filled pretty quick.

Random Thoughts

1. OJ, c'mon dawg. You aint got nothing better to do then Play A-Team. Man why cant you stay low. Look, even if dude did have stuff that belonged to you, its YOU BRUH. Juice, you need about as much media attention as Vick, Paris and the Situation in Iraq. Stay low homie.

2. The High School Reunion was held over the weekend. Keeping true to my word I didnt go. Ive yet to hear the early returns, but i'd imagine any event where the Dress Code is = or less than Sunday BBQ attire I'm sure went OK. Nothing beats reminiscing over the past with a hot plate of Chilli Cheese Fries, a 16oz Fun Zone Beer Mug and participating in a Bowla-Disco-Karaoke-thon,with 50 of your distant friends you could harldy remember, and regret not getting to tap. Excuse me while I gag in silence.

3. Finally, I wasnt to impressed with the Season finale of 4400. So now Jordan is RUNNING Seattle now? The USA is going to let a rogue returnee take over one of its biggest cities?? Dont lose me 4400, Ive been down since episode 1. Oh, and if you get read of Isabelle, I'll hunt you all down and kill you one by one. Izzy style.


At 7:52 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

"Bengal Fan, I dont want to hear super and bowl in the same Paragraph unless yall are talking about the way Tupperware can hold a salad"


At 10:39 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

to many of my boyz love this team. It didnt hurt to crush on them or the 'Aints!

At 9:26 AM , Blogger P said...

I didn't go to my first high school reunion, either. The next one is fast approaching, I am unsure if I will attend that one or not. Lynwood (former home of Paris Hilton during her jail stint) is such a St. Olive, Mulberry community, hell, even if you don't live there anymore, you see people at least once a month you went to high school with, that's just the way LA is!

At 3:19 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

ive heard that of LA before. But, to be fair, if I dont know to many people who grew up in LA who actually left it and never came back. (or left all together for that matter) Much like NY H-town and The Chi, it has the ability to keep its people and most of the time in the same spot for yrs.


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