Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL Pick'em ,Fantasy, and College

Last week ya boy went 13-3 (Packers and Texans) prevented me from going 15-1 and there was literally know way of knowing who'd win Panthers Rams..This week I doubt Im that lucky.

With that said, here's my picks.

Panthers Over Texans
Ya gotta figure Carr remembers some of the trade secrets and shared them right??

Bengals over Browns
The Browns just stink

Colts over Titans
No secondary= big problem for Titans

Saints over TB
Gruden gets exposed game by game this year as a fraud

Rams over 49'ers
its in St. Louis and they really need to bounce back

Steelers over Bills
Fantasy guys , Start Fast Willie this game and Hines Ward!

Packers over Giants
Not sold on Lorenzen. Also, Driver should have a huge game.

Jag's over Falcons
The Brian Brohm regime can't start fast enough in the ATL.

Cards over Seahawks
Linehart Bounce's Back, and Adrian Wilson is gonna crush Alexander

Cowboys over Dolphins
It'll be closer then it should be. Ronnie Brown is overrated, this game it'll show

Lions over Vikings
Vikings have 0.0 in there secondary. Start Roy Williams fantasy guy.

Broncos Over Raiders
What happened to this rivalry?? Cutler will throw for 300. Fantasy guy Javon goes off Sunday.

Bears over Chiefs
Herm that feeling on your neck, is angry fans calling for your Head. Sit LJ fantasy guy. I know this is blasphemous, but he's not getting off vs. the Bears.

Ravens over Jets
Ray Lewis will walk off with Clemens helmet.

Patriots over Chargers.
No one AND I MEAN NO ONE plays the us against the world card BETTER then the Pats. LT popped off, he'll get a friendly reminder of that come Sunday. It'll be close for a little while, but the Pats walk away with it.

Eagles over Skins
To many blitz packages will confuse Campbell. He'll learn from this for the next meeting. Not so much on Monday night though. 27- 10 Eagles.


To Recap,

From a Wideout Perspective the 3 Gems you cant go wron with are

1. Pick A Colt WR. and Start him

2. Roy Williams WR Det.

3. Javon Walker.

Running Backs

1. Sit LJ (Trust me)

2. Start Fast Willie Parker

3. Start Stephen Jackson
Heres Some of My College Picks for you to ponder on
1 USC Over 14 Neb
Not even close. Sorry ABC/ESPN you wont fool me with hype
5 Florida over 22 Tennessee
This may be one of the many reasons Fulmer loses his job come the end of the year
ALABAMA OVER 16 Arkansas
Look, we love Mc Fadden Here, but Saban can coach.
15 Georgia Tech over 22 BC
BC Plays tough but that Georgia Tech Team is the best in the ACC
Michigan Over ND
My plan to ruin all things ND takes another turn for the great when Mike Hart goes for 200 on ND


Take UNLV over Hawaii.
UNLV sends a member of there Secondary to the Pros every year. Colt Brennan wont see them coming.


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