Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My people sorry for the late post. Monday I spent on the road, and I decided that I would do a complete wrap-up of everything Once all the games were completely over .

With That said Lets roll right into College.

Oregon V. Michigan.

What I thought would be Michigan paying back all the haters who doubted them , quickly turned into the Dennis Dixon show. For all my Vincite's reading be on the look out for this kid, he's the spitting image (game wise) of the one we came to love. Oregon completely man handled Michigan and the only good thing Michigan can look forward to is playing Notre Dame next week.

Speaking of the Fighting Irish.

As Ive told yall, all year I plan on chronicling there every game, so best believe this past weekend I made it a point to watch Penn St. (Linebacker U) completely crush Notre Dame. What makes this sad, is Charlie Weis Offensive genius, has yet to in 2 games score a Touchdown. Clausen his freshman phenom looked horrible and the running game is going nowhere.

Let me guess though, none of that is a coaching issue right? Its the players. Its a rebuilding year. well, if i'm using the Willingham rules as established by Notre Dame none of this matters. Only Winning Does. So, here's to winning. Up next for the Fighting Irish, Michigan at the Big House. This game could go either way, but Im leaning on Michigan to get it done here.

Auburn USF

This one kinda stung. Not b/c Auburn didnt see it coming( USF plays tough) but because you knew that after years of scheduling non conference Cupcake's Tubberville was waaay overdue!

Over the past 3 yrs Auburn's played Citadel, Buffalo, and Ball State to name a few. Congrats to USF on breaking a very disturbing trend Tubberville has.

On to the NFL. Here's the 10 Things I learned over the Past weekend watching the Big Boys!

10. Somebody anybody mix in a stretch or to before the game starts. Youd be surprised how much that little thing prevents Injury. Did anybody notice how many seasons were ended on week 1?? (Try 6) with about 10 orso cats out at least a week.

9. The Raiders Suck. Here's to getting Mc Fadden. I knows its only week one, but its Detroit, YOURE HOME , win..

8. There are some Secondary Coaches out there who need to start looking for other way's to "FEED THERE FAMILY". I havent seen that much Burnt Flesh since my last time at Cattleman's Stakehouse. Also, can someone tell Roy Williams he's a linebacker..Quit fronting the gig is up.

7. Patrick Willis scares me. For real. I dont know how many of you caught his act last night, but it was monsterous. 11 tackles, 1 Forced Fumble, AND 5 QB pressures. (1 of the 5 of theDe-cleating worthy) Can you say D-ROY??

6. I dont care if there cheating or not, If Randy Moss can get into your secondary out run and score on 4 catz, then a change is needed. That was filth. Pure filth he pulled against the Jets.

5. TO, Randy, and Marvin, are still the very best in the business. Irregardless there ages, they all produced combining for 350+ yrd catching and 4 touchdowns.

4. From a Fantasy Running back perspective, If you started Reggie, LT, LJ, Stephen Jackson, or Frank Gore, how's that work out for you? Exactly. Your week one leader in rushing Chris Brown Tennessee Titans. Did you see how he ran it ran it...I couldn't resist.

3. Mario Williams For President! Before this Blog started, several of us sat around on draft day puzzled like the rest of the nation on the pick of The Houston Texans. Many thought (well I did anyway) that Vince should have been taken #1. Some thought Reggie Bush should have got the nod, but no one thought Mario should have went above both of them. His rookie season compared to the other 2 made all the doubters seem right. 4.5 sacks 40 tackles and some lackluster play didnt help. Well against the Chiefs, he more then made up for his rookie short comings. 2 Sacks, 5 tackles and A Fumble Recovery for a touchdown. Keep it up boy!

2. Life Sucks in Atlanta Now. Joey's well Joey, and Warrick's injured. Couple all this with the fact that there's no one on defense capale of stopping the run, and I predict they'll be fighting the Raiders for the #1 overall pick in next years draft.

1. Slow Down Patriots and Chargers Fans. The Colts still looked more then worthy of making this thing interesting come January. LT, youre team needs to stop messing around and get the receivers more involved. Hoodie, the gig is up on yall cheating. All the Colts do is win. And they do that with the Best 1-2-3-4 COMBO in the game. Payton, Addai, Harrison, and Wayne make up the best offense in the business. That can make up for shotty defense play.

Offensive MVP WEEK 1 Randy Moss 9 Rec 183 yards 1TD.
Defensive MVP WEEK 1Mario Williams 2 Sacks 5 Tackles 1 Fumble Recovery for a TD.


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