Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Irish Fan, I think you Better Call Tyrone..........Call Him

Now dont think that as a living breathing red blooded African American Male that this next post is meant to offend the very proud and prideful fans of Notre Dame, but If you are a Golden Domer, and are easily offended, I strongly suggest, YOU TURN AWAY NOW!!!!!!!

Hmm, 3 yrs ago someone in Notre Dame leadership figures that the reason that the Fighting Irish are losing is because of Tyrone Willingham. Period. Not the fact that Bob Davies left him literally nothing to start with. Not the fact that the entrance standards for that school are some of the toughest in the country. Not even the fact that the schedule Notre Dame plays (atleast when he was there ) was one of the toughest in the country. Nope, none of that mattered. What mattered to many of the alumni, fans, Studio Analyst, and racist local die hards was winning, And despite the fact that Tyrone was doing so, he wasnt getting it done in BIG games, and his bowl record was attrocious. With that said, after 3 yrs he got the can.

In comes Charlie Weis. Lets see, Junior QB and all around stud Brady Quinn, check. Potent Offense check. No wonder you hire Charlie, heck he coached a Super Bowl lead offense so this should be a slam dunk. Well the defense was still a problem. Infact so much so, that in those "BIG GAMES" Notre Dame under his watch has surrendered on average 33+ point to its opponents. But I digress, b/c thats not the purpose of this rant.
Charlie, after one season and a pretty embarrassing Bowl Loss got a 10 year extension. One year. The next season, same result. Yet he still gets lauded as one of the best coaches out there. Oh by the way, they get boat raced in that bowl game as well. (I swear LSU could tapped a hundy if they chose to)
Enter the 3rd season under Charlie's watch. A home game. Season opener, and yep you guessed it, Charlie gets embarrassed by Georgia Tech. The game wasn't even close. Now, If Tyrone was coaching that game, how many of you out there think Michigan would be the story?

Exactly what I thought as well, Zero. You gotta think that there's a blind story here waiting to be cracked, and I your ace detective will glady go where no one wants to go..

Source Espn

Tale of the Tape.

Charlie Weis Record
2005 - 9-3 BCS Bowl Loss to Ohio St. 34-20 (Really wasnt close as score indicates)
Key Losses USC, OHIO ST.

2006 10-3 BCS Bowl Loss ot Lsu 41-14 (Another Beatdown)
Key Losses USC (Beatdown) Michigan (Beatdown) and the BCS
KEY Win #19 Penn St.

0-1 Loss to Georgia Tech 33-3 (Beatdown)

Now, if youll notice every BIG school Notre Dame played under Charlie's watch, they got beat down. To be fair, they did beat Michigan 17-10 in 06, and they also served up Pittsburgh (then ranked 23) as well as Purdue. But its Purdue I coudlve left them off and you wouldnt have noticed.

Tyrone Willingham's Record
2002 10-3 Bowl Game loss to NC ST. (Beatdown 28-6)
Key Loss USC (Beatdown 44-13)
Key Wins 18 Maryland, 11 Michigan, 23 Pitt, 16 Fl. State.

2003 5-7 Many Losses against Ranked Teams (#4 Mich) (#1 USC) (#13 Purdue) (#8 Fl St.)
Key Win #14 WSU

Record 6-6 Bowl Game Loss To Oregon State.
Key Losses ( #1 USC Beatdown) (#15 Purdue Beatdown)
Key Wins ( 11 Tennessee) (#7 Michigan)

Now if youre telling youreslf E youre crazy Charlie's record is way better then Tyrones. Thats fine, but have you looked between the numbers. How many RANKED Teams did Coach Willingham face vs. Weis? How many top 10' teams did Coach Willingham See vs. Coach Weis.
Getting the picture now? Im willing to bet any of you out there that if Coach Weis had faced the same schedules Coach Willingham faced, the results would have been very similar.

But , lets call it what it is, a slap in the face. You gave Charlie a 10 yr extension after taking Tyrone's team (a very junior and sr lead team at that) against scrubs and producing a 10-3 record. To me this represents the very worse in sports. It kinda reminds me of Tony Dungy coaching all that time in Tampa to hand it over to John Gruden who then wins Tony's Superbowl. (Another black man..Im just sayin)

Now, for all the Irish reading this waiting to put Tyrone's Husky record up there, let me remind them that the Huskies have been a down football team in the Pac 10 for yrs before Tyrone got there.


At 2:24 PM , Blogger Monty said...

ty ty just ended boise state's win streak

At 6:26 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

He sure did Monty,
He's also got a much senior and junir laden team with players he brought in. On the other hand The fat man is 0-2 with 0 offensive TD'S


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