Monday, August 27, 2007

About that Reunion...........

About A month or 2 ago I hit yall up with this:

Well a funny thing happen on the way to securing the Venue, people FAILED to PAY. Thus turning what wouldve been a classy, sheik, and somewhat Casual affair into Ladies night at the Dave and Buster's. White Tee's and Blue Jeans are ok. People at what point do you say enough is enough?? Now, to be fair, I place absolutely 0.0% on the person in charge of getting our Class Reunion off the ground. Up until June, no one even wanted to get something started, and the person who took it over had no obligations to. My problem is that when the venue got changed, I wasnt refunded my paid money , and gave the option to pay for the new venue.

Old Venue : Brookhollow Sheraton Lobby and Conference Room
Dress Code : After 5 Attire

New Venue: Jillians Eat Drink and Play. (Dave and Buster Equivallant check the link)
Dress Code : Flip Flops A Wife Beater and Shorts are fine.

See the difference?? Its rare that there requires a time that my wife and I get to play dress up. Infact the last time was the Navy Day Ball circa 2005. This for us wouldve been one of those moments. Unfortunately on Friday, we got the email stating that due to lack of ticket sales the Sheraton couldnt be secured and we had to take your money and secure Jillians instead. I say no. Hell no. I dont have to leave San Antonio to get that kind of crowd. Now if it sounds like im coming off as snudish, think of it this way, if I were planning your wedding and had you tell friends and family to prepare of the Cinderella Themed event of the summer. Initially those able to make it, will throw the money down and prepare for it. Now, what if about 3/4 of the way through after tickets, costumes, baby sitters ,and flights had been made, I call you up and say, well the Cinderella Venue wont work. In its stead were going with Aladdin. Completely Different right?

Well thats where i'm at. Wifey and I are not down with Aladdin. Now, its been 2 emails into it, and I have yet to get a reply or any of my money back. I dont like doing so, but I have no problem going to the dark side of stupid if I know it will garnish me my xxx.xx dollars I deposited on this failed event.

My boy Demetrio brought up some really good points over the weekend I dont think can get enough credit. You know whats funny is, these things (High School Reunions) are all about the memories and who's doing what now. Well, it'll be funny to here who's doing what and how great they are off when they failed to pay for a ticket for the other venue. (The list was posted on the website) Its all fun and games until you realize youre eating Chilli Fries and drinking from the
18 oz novelty cup at your 10yr High School reunion.

At least I'll still have my memories. Those I can say proudly will never change.


At 4:08 PM , Anonymous htownkj said...

First of all I love you blog Eric. I went to Westfield class of 96! We payed $50 a person and I wish could get my money back. All the people I used to hang with didn't show up and the 100 that didn't know who the hell they where.

At 12:05 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

Sorry for the late reply,

yeah i planned on makin this even special. Wifey and I rarely get to play dressup so this one stung a little bit. we graduated 637 people. and as of Friday only 35 people confirmed ticket payment.

Thats sad. At 55+ a person I can see that as steep, but this is one of those events that wont come to often. Its cool though, me and the wife ended up giving our tickets to friends who wanted to go, but coudlnt. I now plan on going to a wedding.


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