Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Foot Ball Preview Part 1 of 4

My long awaited NFL football preview is finally here. (Hold Applause)
Rather then go through a team by team breakdown, Ive decided im going to do 2 divisions a day starting with the NFC AND AFC SOUTH...

AFC SOUTH Predictions

Colts 12-4 (AFC 2nd Round Loss)
Jaugars 9-7
Texans 7-9
Titans 5-11

Quick shots.

Colts = The superbowl champs return about 80% of the team that won, but lost some big heart players on defense. They probably should've considered drafting Linebacker in the draft, but hey they got Peyton..

Jaguars =Well once they figure out who's quarterback, they gotta figure out who that guy's throwing the ball to. Everyone's figured out that defense is how they butter bread, so they have to get there offense in gear in order for anyone to believe them. Fantasy Lovers Jones-Drew is a god..

Texans= No Carr, no Problem. Insert the Schaub. As good as Matt is, (and that we don't know) he's gonna have to compensate for a running back who lets face it is in his 30's and the lack of a solid #2 receiver. Not to mention there's and APB on the D-line as a whole. Mario steps up, then there a surprise and a force to be reckoned with.

Titans. Vinsanity is good and all, but, without Pacman I dont think this team can tow the load. Vince was a HUGE part of the wins last yr and so was the Ghost chasing rain making strip club bandit. They'll miss him. The lack of playmakers on this team will become more and more evident by the week.

AFC South Summary.

Barring some miracle, the Colts should dominate this division. Depending on how you look at it, the real battle is between who'll finish second. Have the Texans shown progress under Coach Kubiak, or have the Jaguars lost faith in Del Rio?

NFC SOUTH Predictions

Panthers 12-4 (Superbowl)
Saints 10-6
Buccaneers 8-8
Falcons 5-11

Quick Shots

Panthers= If this team can STAY HEALTHY. I predict they will be a lock for the SuperBowl. Delhomme is vastly underrated, J-Pepp is the best defender in football, and Steve Smith is bananas. One can only assume a mental breakdown like last year will cost some heads to roll if they underachieve again.

Saints= They are not sneaking up on anyone this year. Go Ahead believe all the Bush hype all you want. They're a wild card team who gets exposed this year. Dont get me wrong there good, but people will see them coming. Linebacker and Secondary need alot of help.

Bucs= Bringing in Jeff Garcia to hand the ball to Cadillac is good and all, but Joey Galloway gotta be about 40 by now. If Clayton can get back to the way he was when he was a rookie watch out. If not, watch Gruden start packing. Oh by the way..You might wanna consider getting Rice in camp. Justa thought.

Falcons= No Vick No chance. Period. You bring an a coach to work with your Human Joystick of a QB only to find out that he (your QB ) wont get to play. When Vicks not around, the players look older, the Running game seems more difficult, (mainly b/c its predictable) and the beer taste different. The only Dirty Bird youre guaranteed to see in Atlanta is the one the fans give Roger Goodell when he makes his stop through town.

NFC South Summary

I look for the Panthers to do great things if there healthy this season. The Saints shouldn't be slept on, but there defense will be exposed this year. The Bucs need a youth injection on Defense baddddd, and the Falcons can thank one Ron Mexico for his love of all things stupid as to why they'll be watching the playoffs this year, and not in them.

Tomorrow AFC and NFC WEST.


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