Friday, August 24, 2007

The Football Preview Part 2 of 4

Ok, so I gave yall a pretty solid rundown of the Souf on both sides yesterday. Today we're gonna take a trip to the west coast.

AFC WEST Predictions

Chargers 13-3 (AFC Championship Game)
Broncos 11-5
Chiefs 8-8
Raiders 5-11

Quick Shots

Chargers= Top player in the game, check. Top tight end in the game, check . Oh yeah, one more thing, on defense they have a certified head banger. The only thing stopping this team from getting to the Superbowl is its shaky secondary. If they can figure that out..Put it on the board..

Broncos= Im going to throw this out now, If you plan on passing on the Broncos, good luck. There Secondary is the best out there. They just signed Travis Henry, and I absolutely love Cutler, with that said, Im not in love with there defensive front line. They'll scare ya, but nothing to fret. However I would NOT sleep on this Broncos team.

Chiefs= I'll say what I said last year about this team. Anybody know there receivers? In fact, anyone know who's gonna start at QB for that matter. Expect LJ to be ran to the ground.

Raiders= Cant spell rebuilding without Raider. It should be noted that without J-Russ in camp, it really doesn't matter. They weren't planning on starting him. No running or receiving game doesn't warrant me coming to camp early either. Ultimately they'll be a whipping boy again.

AFC West Summary

The Chargers will win this division, but Denver going to make them earn it. The Chiefs might want to get a receiver sometime in this decade, and the Raiders are going to make alot of people in the Black Hole seem more and more irrelevant.

NFC West Predictions

Seahawks 10-6 (Second Round)
Rams 9-7
49er's 9-7
Cardinals 6-10

Quick Shots

Seahawks= Oh what a difference a Day makes. They are gonna eak this division away from the 49'ers and Rams. Not so big brother looks older now with Shuan Alxander (30's) and missing a solid o-line like he's had for yrs. Expect Hassleback to do more then his talent will alow compensating for there lack of Defense.

Rams= I think this is the team people will sleep on. One of the best offenses in the business is gonna have to work really hard to make up for the lack of defense. If Tory, Stephen, and Marc are clicking though, all bets are off.

49'ers= Young and deadly. Was Frank Gore's performance last year a hiccup? I say no, and trust me every D coordinator out there will agree. Expect him to see a stacked box. This team is still capable of scaring you. Vernon Davis will be back, and they signed Darrell Jackson in the off season. Not to mention the defense really got a boost in the secondary.

Cardinals= Drink this Kool-aid all you want. I choked on it last year, and I'm through with this team. "They are who you think they are!" Underachievers! With that said, expect this team to target a running back to replace E James this off season. There complete everywhere else but there.

NFC West Summary

This Division will be the tightest, and most evenly matched out there. I predicted the Seahawk's will win it, but I reserve the right to change this pick if need be. The top 3 teams are about as equal talent wise as you could want. With that said, expect the Cardinals to rain on some parades and break some playoff hearts.

Well, thats my story and Im sticking to all of it. If you agree or disagree, you know where to find me. Monday i'll dig into the AFC And NFC EAST.


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