Monday, August 27, 2007

The Football Preview Part 3 of 4

Well, we've done 2 of the Conference's and despite a little email battle royal, for the most past many of you either A agree with me, or B consider me a lunatic. Hopefully my synopsis of the AFC and NFC East will change your minds.

AFC EAST Predictions

Patriots 14-2 (Super Bowl Champs)
Jets 9-7
Bills 9-7
Dolphins 8-8

Quick Shots

Patriots= I dont know if Ive ever seen a team so complete in my life. The Patriots have the best QB in the game, a stud at running back, one of the greatest Wide Receiver's ever, and tout atleast 6 pro bowlers on defense. This team was only one bad play away from going to the Super Bowl last year. Expect plenty blowouts. I almost forgot, way to bring Asante back.

Jets= There defense is solid, however, I wouldve liked to seen them adress the front line. Im not at all in love with running back, though Thomas Jones does have it in him to be really good. The key here is Quarterback. Can Chad keep his eyes looking forward and not at the bench at Clemens.

Bills= The only reason this team isnt above the Jets is b/c of its lack of a secondary. They let Nate Clements just ease right on outta there. I do like how they replaced Mc Gahee, but I dont like how they didnt compliment Evans. Ultimately they'll be a force. I wouldnt sleep on them.

Dolphins= To quote Jason Taylor. Scrambled Eggs. This is exactly what the QB situation will look like the moment Trent Green goes down. And he will go down. This defense on paper is one of the best out there, but they cant play both sides of the ball. Ronnie Brown is going to have to do more , and so are Chambers and McMichael.

AFC East Summary

I dont expect the Patriots to have much competition this year. If there is some , expect it to come from the Dolphins, there good for one upset a year. The real battle here will come in the form of who's the better wildcard, the Bills or the Jets. I'll say this again though, the Super Bowl will run through Boston.

NFC EAST Predictions

Cowboys 11-5 (NFC Championship Game)
Eagles 10-6
Redskins 8-8
Giants 8-8


Cowboys= The Defense for Dallas failed to make any secondary improvements, so I couldnt have them beating the Panthers b/c of that. There offense still touts 2 significant beast at wideout, a young and budding stud at Quarterback , and a legitimate thunder and lighting combo at running back. (not to mention the Leonard Davis signing) Expect Wade to get the very best outta this bunch

Eagels= So much is dependent on the health of D. Mc Nabb, that I assume he will play his heart out this year. That said, even with him playing his best they'll only finish at 10-6. Loosing Stallworth was HUGE and loosing Trotter, youre gonna feel in the locker room. I sure hope B. Dawk got enough pop to make up for those losses.

Redskins= Best Young Secondary hands down. Sean "the Punt Killer" Taylor and La Ron Landry are gonna make pass play's fuuuuuuuuuun! If Portis is healthy, and his backup is to, I expect them to pund the ball all day. However, they dont need to. Santana Moss is *1MG deadly, and Randle El was under utilized.

Giants= Oh the loss of Tiki is gonna sting something fierce here! B Jacobs is a solid thunder back, but missing lighting is gonna be crucial. Everyone is still waiting on Eli, and I fear that his time may be up if he fails to produce this year. Strahan needs to get into camp (if he's gonna) and they just lost Will Demps for at least the start of the season . I sure hope Plaxico can bring it, they're gonna need him and J-Shock playing way above there talent level.

NFC East Summary

The Cowboy's will make this division alot closer then it should be. I expect a healthy Mc Nabb lead Eagles to be right on there heels, with the Redskins close behind them. In a perfect world I'd love to tell Giants fan, they'll be close, but frankly I suspect alot of BOOING and name calling to erupt in that stadium with no relief in sight.

Well that'll do it for the East Coast. I expect my choices will rub some a little sour. With that said, yall know exactly where I'll be for debate. Tommorow, I do the toughest Division to Handicap, the AFC North. Followed by the Bears + there slacker rivals in the NFC North.


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