Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator. Craig, Black Folk Call it the Down Low.....

"Im Not Gay" yeah.......................Senator, Youre right youre not. Where we from in the black community, when and if you at least try to engage in alleged nasty-ness in the public restroom, that means you know what was going on in that restroom and decided to be nasty. The term is Downlow. I even hyperlinked the definition of it for you so you can read up on it.

But, just in case you need it for you in lam ens terms here ya go!
Courtesy of Urban

Downlow= Black community slang for black men secrect homosexual activity.

Whaddaya think about that homeboy!?

Real Talk=

Peepz, for those of you still uncertain about voting this year I want you to remember this. The last 2 alleged sexual devients to come under fire are members of the Conservative party. The same party that has zero zip zilch problem explaining how homophobic they are, and how they oppose any mention of equal rights for civil unions. It begs the question as to why we allow these people to get into office?

We have got to rock the vote! Lemme break down a little of what this guy is accused of. He went to a known stall in the restroom where sexual activity is present amongst men (and men only) and displayed all the signs of a typical trick trying to get his fix. He tapped his feet against the side of the stall. He swiped his hand under the adjacent stall showing his id card and stated :
"Im a US Senator whaddaya think about that."
Well I'll tell you what I think about that, I think you need not bother about re-running for anything.

Whats sad is, after about a week this story will fade into oblivion. A US Senator, a man in charge of making and upholding laws in this country, soliciting Sex in a bathroom will simply go away. Yet, a Quarterback who fought dogs cant seem to get a break. People, is it me or do we sometimes tend to get things jaded when it comes to whats important and whats not? e


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