Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NFL Preview Part 4 of 4

Well if youve made it this far then you know Ive only got 2 divisions left the NFC and AFC North. One of these will be quick, the other one will be the AFC North.

NFC North Predictions

Bears 12-4 (2nd Round Playoff Loss)
Packers 7-9 ( Maybe Brett Retires)
Vikings 5-11
Lions 4-12

Quick Shots

Bears= Way to keep the defense in tact. There gonna miss Thomas Jones, and Rex is still the starter. I'd like to say this team is Super Bowl bound, but that would be me giving props to the offense.

Packers= Donald Driver's sore and you lost Ahman Green. Brett Favre hasn been able to do it all by himself in 5 yrs. This could very well be his swang song.

Vikings= Love the running game, hate everything else.

Lions= If only the game could be played with Wide Receivers only.

NFC North Summary

The Bears should make quick work of this lame duck. I dont see anyone posing a threat to there reign atop that division. Brett's gonna (at least Aaron hopes) announce his retirement this year, which will come after one of his worst career season's ever. The Vikings need FAR TO MUCH for me to comment on, and finally the Lions are hoping the league switches to a mandatory 1 rush 3 pass format.

AFC North Predictions

Ravens 12-4 (2nd Round Loss)
Bengals 11-5
Steelers 9-7
Browns 5-11

Quck Shots

Ravens= Picking Up Mc Gahee in the off-season may be enough to get this team to the Superbowl. Im just not sold on there Receivers. Mason's older , and Clayton needs to step up. Heaps solid, but they see him coming. Air Mc Nair is gonna have to pick up the slack. The defense lost a part, but they still have Ray Ray and Eddie. Really thats all you need ...

Bengals= This team keeps getting in its own way. I'd like to have this teram so much higher, but I know there prone to f-ups. They still have a very high powered offense, and there defense is legit. I just cantgive them the nodd over Baltimore.

Steelers- I reserve the right to change there standing the moment Cinncinatti implodes. This team is complete, and there only real issue is QB. If Big Ben is back, then this team is a threat. I absolutly love Fast Willie.

Browns= They are the victims of being surrounded by to much talent in the division. Because of the division they'll keep it close, all games are rivalries, but they'll still get stomped. The Seargent will be calling for Brady really soon.

Well that'll do it for my NFL Predictions. I know they are a little vague but I tried to give you my best take on who's gonna be where come January. Yall know where to find me if you have any debatable chatter..e


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