Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Travis Loves The Kids, and Vicks Statement

Dont know why it took me so long to post this, but Denver Broncos Star Travis Henry get this has a reported 9 kids in 4 states. 9 KIDS IN 4 FREAKIN STATES. I was sitting arround thinking, do I own actually 9 of anything? It turns out I do, Underwear, Tee-Shirts, Bill Collectors, and thats about it. Cool thing about all of them, there all in the same state. I can control each and every one of them.

But 9 kids. Dayum thats crucial. You often run into a at who'l tell you he has 4 and you go wow, yall tryin to have a big family. But 9. Ima tell yall what it is, Travis reads the Condom Wrapper and say's it aint a hundy so it aint safe. From that point he just say's forget it. I know this, thats alot of child support.

Link To Travis Henry

Vicks Statement

I promise to keep this short. Michael Vick did what needed to be done yesterday. I like how there wasnt a lawyer reading a statement "HE" typed on Vicks behalf. For his fanbase, dont worry, he'll be back out there again in 3 yrs.


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