Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Roundup

Many thanks to all the Birthday shoutouts I was given over the weekend. The wife and I had a great time and really got to enjoy ourselves.


I Caught
Bourne Ultimatum over the weekend. If youre anything like me and Part 1 and 2 had you lost with a map in one hand and a compass in the other, then fear not, part 3 opens those closed doors to Jason Bourne's past youve been patiently waiting to figure out. Action is contstant almost from the very begining of this movie, and overall including the story line, I'd have to give it an 7.5 out of 10 Oh yeah I finally got around to catching 300. Lets just say this, there's a reason why I posted the picture of it . If this movie doesnt win best cinematography at whatever awards show that promotes this category, then I can say that cheated has a name and thy name is 300. This movie is breathtaking. And Ladies, hope you like a six pack diet..


I stayed away from USA'S Law and Odrer SVU marathon over the weekend and focused on
Dexter, a Showtime orignal series focusing on a Serial Killer who happens to be a Forsenic Specilaist with the Miami Dade Police Department. Now let me first give props to Showtime on Demand. After watching one episode of this show I was instantly hooked, and I really couldnt wait to watch another. I gotta confess this, Im a huge fan of Alter Ego's, movies like American Phsycho, and anything involving werewolf's I can watch all day. Dexter much like those characters lives a normal life, but at home his hobby is to seek out vicious killers and well, kill them. He doesnt kill the innocent because "its against Harry's Code. "


For the 5th time No I didnt catch the Michigan upset, but
these guy's did and they blogged all about it. By the way, though I dont think its gonna cost Lloyd Carr his job, he can kiss the National Championship Good-bye.

The Dream Team put a much needed whipping on Argentina in the Gold Medal Game of the Qualifying Cups held inLas Vegas Nevada. Here's my take on this. Any team with Koby on it COMMITTED is gonna win. Now with that said, Manu wasnt playing for Argentina, nor was Nash playing for Canada Both have been thorns in the sides of the Americans.


E's web page has the much anticipated reviews of 50's Kanye's CD's set to drop on Spetember11 of this year. Now, as many of you know, the last CD I purchased was in 2003 that was Get Rich or Die Trying. (I literally overplayed and scratched the one previous ). Niether recieved a 5 on his scale, but its woth noting that Kanye did get a 4.5. Still, the last certifiable 5 mike classic's to come out are Ether and Get Rich or Die Trying.


If you havent caught on to it yet check this page out ,

Ive added them as one of my new link buddies b/c im there everyday. They're funny, and put something out there that im pretty sure most of us can agree with. e


At 4:08 PM , Blogger P said...

One of my very favorite movies - the 300. How delicious! Just a luscious landscape. . .

PS. I haven't seen any of the Bourne Movies. Not because I'm anti Matt Damon or anything. I really don't have a valid reason why I haven't seen them.

Me, being me, I want to the other two before I watch this one, even though I heard it's not necesary.

Remember when Ben Affleck and Matt Were hot together. Well.

Looks like Matt is on one and Ben is somewhere with baby Violet, still trying to recover from Gigli. And hasn't Jennifer Lopez learned her lesson? Has El Cantante came out yet? Was that a bust as well?

At 5:46 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

actually it appears Ben is doing more directing now..Gigli scared him behind the camera evidently..

I understand..that flop was about enough to make any man run and hide..

as for Bourne, girlie, you gotta catch'em..there really good..

did you get enough man candy in 300..my wife was blushing throughout the whole movie

At 1:17 PM , Blogger P said...

Um, Yes. . .The 300 was a GREAT MOVIE. . .GREAT MOVIE, I SAY. . .

Hey, cut the missus some slack, it's hard for us to be next to our sweeties with all those mus-cles hanging out for the.entire.movie.

Just like I'm sure it was hard for you to watch Monster's Ball with her acting like you didn't wish you were Billy Bob Thornton in YOU KNOW WHAT SCENE.

At 6:25 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I dont even front when it comes to Halle. Wifey just walks away!

300 was cute though. Mostly because she kept tryin to look away.. In the end, her and her girlfriend just let loose!


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