Friday, September 07, 2007

The Roundup

Anyone watch the Live Assault handed down to The Saints Last night. Addai walked through them Like DJ UNK at a step show. Oh yeah You might wanna check Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, I hear there pretty good.

With the recent news of Halle becoming Pregnant, who know tops your Goddess list. For the record Halle being pregnant doent tarnish her standing, but the real question now is, who's ready to carry trhe torch in her abscence.
I have a person in mind.. Who's yours?

So which show are you most looking forward to coming back. There were some GREAT cliffhangers left out there. And to give you a Recap

Ended with Jack and Kate somewhere saved completly OFF the Island. Jack Attended someone's funeral. And decipherment of a Newspaper Clip produced nothing oveer the web

Ended with Wang stood up with her finance leaving, and one of the interns failing his final.

Law and Order SVU
Ice-T's SON (LUDA ) spilled the beans on the entire force to include the DA. Many were called in front of IAD

Eva Longorria's character married a politician who i'm convinced has mobb ties.
These are just a few of the previews that will lock me in place come September 20th-30th. What are yours and why. (Oh dont think I forgot about the Wire I just cant give it a one liner. )

Either Youre buying 50 or Kanye next Tuesday, after the hype thats pretty much became the final conclusion in the Hip Hop World. Well Stuart Scott weighed in with his take, and all im saying is this, I would go opposite of BOOOYA!

Another FEMALE teacher admits to having sex with kids. This time she had sex with 5 middle schoolers. Fella's I will live and die on this platform, if this were a man, it would be the top story on every major news outlet in the counrty. As its stands now, its a ticker on CNN. Where's the justice. Also, its funny to me how little things are put into perspective. She sexes up kids and she'll probably serve the same amount of time someone who fights dogs gets. This crazy world.


At 9:01 AM , Blogger P said...

Besides the Twin Episodes with the Androgynous male, the Luda episodes on Law and Order SVU rank as my all time favorite.

Man, he exposed erry-boddy, and erry-boddy was buck-ed naked and couldn't even get out of the tangled web that a common criminal wove for them.

They went from doing a little something, something, to looking more corrupt than the LAPD.

Sidebar: Did you hear Kathy Griffin told Jesus to suck off? (it's not secret she is a military atheist, but can you imagine if someone had said that about Jews, or any other religion?

At 6:14 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

its the world we live in now P.
you cant call someone N,F,OR C word, but you attack Jesus, and youre considered bold for daring to be different..

Yeah L&O SVU along with Lost is going to have to blow me away come season premiere time. Both went banana toward the end


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