Thursday, September 06, 2007

Footballz Upon Us...

Rather then run down 10 things you should know ..

Im just gonna bust out some picks . Dont worry 10 Things you should Know Before NFL Sunday as well as Monday Nuight Preview will all be here next week.


Colts over Saints
-Payton's gonna go pass happy. I wander when teams are gonna figure out that Wayne's the one who's really killing you out there..


KC over Houston

-Just cuz i'm from there it dosent blind me. Who's gonna stop LJ?

Min over Atl
-No Vick no win

Phi over GB
-D. Mc is Back.

Was over Mia
- I love me some Shawn Taylor.

Ten over Jac
VY for President!

Pit over Cle.
Cle might not win a game all year.

Den over Buf
I love me some Jake Cutler. (Oh yeah that Bronco secondary is pretty Lethal as well)

Stl over Car
On Turf Jackson will look like a God

NE over NYJ
Brady might throw for 4oo.

SD over CHI
Yeah...If I were Urlacher, Id keep Merrimans name out of my mouth..Its not like he's ever going to be on the field with him at the same time. (Im sure Rex would appreciate it)

Sea over TB
TB is really old now

Det over Oak.
Its a little early for the Mc Fadden Bowl

Dal over NYG.
The season hasnt even started yet and the Giants have drama. Way to keep it focused.

Monday Night X2
Cin over Balt
Chad's gonna get popped, but they'll win at home.

SF over Ariz
Shhhhhhhhhh Dont tell anybody, but the 49ers are gonna be really good this yr..Our secret...


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