Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Giving Good Sistah's Props

Thanks to all for the many submissions for Good Sistah's. THIS much like Memba when started with a possibility of what if I did this, and now its outta of my control. Well, Ive heard your suggestions and there have been some really good ones. (Sorry perves no JACME, HUNTER'S OR SUPERHEAD).

Good Sistah Profile #3 Kerry Washington

Age: 30
From: The Boogie Down (Bronx NY)
Occupation: Actress
Relationship Status : Dating

Why We Like Her: As an Actress, she's covered the full spectrum of roles keeping herself always employed, and her fans always wanting more. Weve been blessed to see her nude in She Hate Me. (also as a lesbian in the same movie) Weve seen her opposite of some of the top brutha's in the game now to include , Chris Rock Forest W., and Jamie F. Through it all she held her own. Not to mention has anyone noticed that she's quite possibly one of the cutest actresses regardless of race on the big and or small screen? Its my PERSONAL belief, that SHE has the best Lips out there
(despite what you may hear about someone else) .

Good Sistah Profile #4 Houston Texans Cheerleader Kisha

Age: 25
From: Mo-City (South Houston) Texas
Occupation: Consultant/Cheerleader

Why we Like her: Her bubbly personality and amazing looks more then make up for the fact that she cheers for one of the worst franchises in the business. She’s enjoys dancing and likes to watch football. What red blooded man doesn’t like a gal who can sit down and watch the game with you? From a looks perspective, you won’t find much better then her, and as an added bonus I’ve even provided an additional photo of her. For More pics of Kisha Click Here .


At 6:58 AM , Blogger Enigmatik said...

I went to college wit gyal number 2...true story....

At 1:13 PM , Blogger P said...

NEGRO, PLEASE. You could care less about her bubbly personality more than you could care about what else is bubbly on her. Stop frontin.

But she is a doll, and with a wonderful complexion to boot.

I am going to have to dissent with you on Kerry. Even though I'm sure you were particularly happy with not only her nude scenes, but her Oscar worthy lesbian performances, something about her lips and her makeup are very Mary Kay Pink to me. . . Weirds me out.


At 6:22 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


Youre a lucky man. I got to meat her at an autograph session and was blown away by her "Personality"


Cmon, give a bruh a break. Kisha's down to earf..And has a great "Personality"

As for Kerry, I will neither confirm or deny her reasons for being here. We can say this, though, as a young Black Female Actress, she's getting some of the roles that would usually got to those you could care less for.(Vivica) And, in those roles shes blossoming.


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