Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Givin Good Sistah's Props

Alright, so my last two picks were some what different. Lets just say that they at the very least conversation, and as a blogger thats really all you can ask for. Ok, so this week's sistah I decided to go a different road with. For starters, she's rich Filthy rich. Infact so much so, im pretty sure she could bathe in 50's dry off in 20's and sleep in atop enough Big Face Hundy's to wallpaper your house a 1000 time's over.
Her generosity has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide from either donating millions to a charity of her choice, or opening schools in 3rd world countries for those in desperate need.

She's still single , (even though she's been with the same cat for quite some time) and like a fine wine with age she's actually improved with her looks.

If you havent figured out who this iconic figure is, well guess no more..Its OOOOOPRRAHHH!
Our very Own Dos XX' Woman!
Its hard to say was already hasnt been said about Oprah, but i'll drop this nugget her way, in the event she ever googles her name. If I ever had a daughter, and she told me se wanted to be like Oprah, I know I wouldve raised her right b/c she couldnt have picked a better role model outside of her mom herself.


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