Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freshly Squeezed OJ

You know how I know OJ Simpson isn't as "Black" as many want him , or he thinks he is? Its because after someone BLACK gets caught up and is found not guilty for a crime so serious and so deadly as murder, once there outta the eye of the media , you may never hear from them again. Zero Zip Zilch. Communicatus non Gratis. (my term)

Not OJ. You see this cat is popping up everywhere. And often times doing things that go way beyond the realms of Negrodom and up on some APEX where stupidity is married to Absurdity, producing him as its Bastard offspring. I thought I'd go into
this little fiasco (Warning Uncensored) that I touched on yesterday, but that was to easy, instead, if youll allow me, I'll give a little time line of the Once Hiesmann Trophy Winner turned Murder Suspect, Turned Kick Door Burglar.

The I think They Like Me Era

The Late 70's and Early 80's couldn't been a better time for on OJ Simpson. Retiring from the NFL, you could Catch OJ streaking through Airports for Hertz Rent-a-Car, doing many spot Cameo's in the Naked Gun Series' as well as a couple of Blaxpotation flicks. White people loved him b/c he presented them a non threatening African American Male who was articulate, Sexy, friendly and most importantly, validated. He served as proof that anyone can make it and be successful as he himself was once a Gang Member in San Francisco, and turned his life completely around. As many will attest, he was by and large on the more predominate faces in America as a whole , let alone the African American Community.

Not Guilty.

As most celebrities do, there was a bit of a hiatus in his career, and for the most part OJ was out of the lime light. Then while most of America was watching the Houston Rockets defeat the New York Knicks in 1994 a blip appeared on most of the National Broadcast across the nation stating that OJ was infact being sought after for the Brutal Murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

The worked was on stand still. Why was juice streaking down the PCH much like he did in the air port? Why was he hiding if he was indeed innocent? Where was he going? Innocent people don't flee to Mexico, whats OJ doing? These were just SOME of the questions them me (13) had.

After almost a yr and a half of Jury selections, Trial's and argument work OJ Simpson was found Not guilty, do by and large to the fact that he has some of the best lawyers money can buy, but also due to the mountains of Loopholes and shotty policing done by the LAPD. A nation was instantly divided. Many African Americans who felt slighted by the justice system (some didnt even know who OJ WAS) felt vindicated. Many whites looked at is as a slap in the face to the entire legal process. There once validated, just-like-us except for his skin, honorary token buddy was no longer welcome. He was now a no good murderer.

I wanna Be black Again.

Shortly after being found not guilty if it was associated with blackness Juice was there. He did his FIRST national interview with Tavis Smiley on BET. They haven't had ratings that high on that channel since Ced was hosting Comic View. You could find juice at the Source Awards, BET Music Awards Radio Promo's you name it. Pretty busy work for a guy who was " on a quest to find the killer of his baby momma and her boyfriend."

This i'm sure was his attempt to reconnect with those who he abandoned the moment he got famous. Many weren't buying it. Intelligent black folk knew he was guilty, and even those uninformed knew that this was just a ploy to use the African American Community for there gullibility. Hey its OJ he's the one that BEAT THE SYSTEM was his ploy i'd imagine.

Something Clicked

Then something happened. Of course, someone told him this clever little plan to get back into

the good gracious of people by and large as a whole is failing. So what does the once famed celebrastar do, he decides he's gonna FINALLY start talking about what happened with the case , to include interview's Q&A's (WITH SELECT PEOPLE) and more public appearances. Someone forgot to tell OJ that this is the perfect opportunity to remain low. Then I guess in what can only imagine is the Epiphany of all epiphany's he decides its high time he write a BOOK chronicling how he would've killed his wife if he in fact did such a thing. The sheer though of something so stupid is incomprehensible. Does he realize that his kids are alive and old enough to grasp the concept that dad's out there writing hypothetically of how he would've killed mom?

From Bad To Worse

Fortunately for us all his Q and A about said book would never get aired, and for a brief moment in time OJ would fade away. Then tragedy would strike Anna Nicole Smith. An unexpected death would leave her paternal father to her kid nameless, and who would surface and say he could be the baby's daddy. Yep you guessed it OJ. I honestly think this SOB was convinced that we haven't heard from him enough. That he hadn't been the story in so long that we simply forgot about him.

Of course we'd blow him off, up until recently. Apparently OJ's memorabilia is somewhat of a hot item. So much so that a collector in possession of most of it, caught the eye of America's Beloved Rent-a-Car Guy.

Juice wasn't taking this lightly. It was his belief(at least what he told Las Vegas Officials) that he wasn't kicking the door in to re-acquire anything. He was juist going back to get what was rightfully his ..Legally.

This is where a sane person wanders where Juice was going with this. In what frame of his mind does he think that any one is going to believe his story? There's auditory proof that leads one to believe other wise.

Something tells me however, that Juice will walk away fro this as well. He's scaly enough that he much like your common insect can twist his spine and slide in an out of predicaments in which normal people with vertebrae normally get caught up in. Is he slapping the face of our justice system, or exploiting it for what it is? That's the real question here.

This much is certain. OJ's once flaming star has fizzled into nothing more then a debris pebble from a meteorite set for world wide circulation and glory. OJ had it all and lost it all much like a lottery winner who spends his first 6 to 7 million on poor investments and jet setting. Its ironic that the man who once bridged the racial gap in society, tore it wide open with a murder trial, and is now cast away from both sides by just simply being him.


At 9:46 AM , Blogger P said...

"White people loved him b/c he presented them a non threatening African American Male who was articulate, Sexy, friendly and most importantly, validated."

Couldn't have said it better myself, E.

Doesn't he kind of remind you of the troublemaking cousin that everyone hates to see coming around, yet somebody always gives him the benefit of the doubt because after all, he's fam-lee?

Hey, do you remember when he got busted selling illegal satellite dishes?

OJ just ghetto, even though he perpetrates that he ain't.

At 3:26 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

yeah i do!
i also remember the sex tape (allegedly,) the Anna Nicole thing, (whas this cat serious) the showin up to the Awards After party unnanounced, and the copy x girlfriend he called 911 on..

Juice is worse then THAT cousin. Kinfolk can be put in check, and fall off the face of the earth..OJ is never going away...That book did it for me..I truly believe he lost his mind. Why would anyone write a hypothetical about something like that???


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