Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SVU Recap Wednesday..

Well for the Law and Order SVU fans of the world, last night probably couldn't have came fast enough.

Dubbed by this blog and others as the best Season Finale out there, you just knew they had to bring it in there Season Premiere if they wanted to match the level of intensity they had going into the closing of last season.


Ice'T character Det. Toutouella's step son played by Luda was being tried for the Murder of a Woman and her child. He initially admits to all the wrong doings , but due to some shotty underhanded police work, he's let off on several technicalities. He's eventually arrested and the trial begins. At Trial Luda aided by a Captain at 1Police Plaza has enough dirt to bury the entire of the Sexual Victims Unit, and 1 by one from Benson, and Stabler all the way up to the DA convicting him he does just that. In the end, Det. Benson's suspended, (helping her lil bro avoid arrest) Stabler's daughter is served community service for a DUI , and The Capt. is briefly transferred. All of this resulted in a mis-trial in favor of Ludacris and he walks

Season Premiere.

So with all of that we can safely assume that fireworks are in order for the premiere right?? Well not so much. The episode is about a woman(Sex in the City Star Cynthia Nixon) with multiple personalities who allegedly beat the sluttyness out of her daughter. The case appears to be a slam dunk for the DA as Burt (the murderous personality) decides whenever there's a conflict he'll fling chares or rough up anyone in his way, not to mention Petra's (the russian personality) enjoyment of bitch slappin folks. As the trial convenes its determined that girlie is infact insane and she's committed to Bellevue. Burt couldnt resist giving our DA a nice hug to show his gratitude.

Here's where I got a little pissed. Crazy's sister turns up late in the show to validate all the claims and apparently her being raped was the trigger for all of this.

While re cooping from her choke-out session, our favorite DA notices a book on personality disorders firmly in the back of a picture of Lil Sis in the newspaper. From there Benson and Stabler find the nearest snitch and she tells them that this was all an elaborate trick concocted by her and her jailbird sister .

They eventually arrest the Lil sis b/c crazy cant be retried thanks to double jeopardy. Now I'm sitting in the middle of my living room a little pissed. Is this the best they couldve came with following such an explosive season finale? A snafu in a picture in a newspaper. Very House-ish. (for all my House fans, you know I'm not lying) I'm going ot have to give it a 6 as far as premieres go.

Anyone else think it was good or eh? Also what other season premiere's are you patiently waiting for? Here's a couple of mine.

Dexter SHO

Grey's Anatomy ABC

Desperate Housewives ABC

The Game (second best season finale) UPN

The Wire ( If youre not watching this, then god help you...)HBO

Lost ( Tied for best Season Finale) ABC

Noticably Missing.

Nip Tuck (Finished terribly) FX


At 12:14 PM , Blogger P said...


I didn't read your post because I didn't want to be spoiled by the outcome.

I can only tell you I fell asleep during the show. (During, meaning the first ten minutes)

Now I have to wait for it to come on USA. I KNOW it was good. At first, when I heard Munch talking and they were referring to his little promotion or whatever, I thought that the bald guy was gone. But my friend told me he was still there.

At 5:52 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


I didnt like it at all..I expected so much more, given the finally how couldnt you? When you see it, hit me back, let me know if im losing my mind...

At 8:23 PM , Blogger P said...

Oh by the way the season finale of Nip Tuck sucked ASS.

At 5:50 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I know..Thats why i have it so low now..


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