Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saint Elsewhere, and Why Cheaters never win

Who day, who day, who day say they beat them Saintz? Well the answer to that question appears to be everybody. I know alot of yall readin this layes yall hats on a Saint trip to the SuperBowl. I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but I told you so..

Last night in what shouldve been a home showcase of the Deuce and Reggie show, ended up being the Bullock Young Experience. Im convinced in this, Drew Breez is a GOOD QB, right along the lines with Big Ben, Matt Hassleback and depending on how you look at it Dante Culpepper. (when healthy) He is NOT up to the 2nd tier of Mc Nabb and Carson Palmer, and not even close to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Drew let loose 3 interceptions yesterday , and on atleast 2 of them, the routs were jumped. On the third, the ball may or may not have been tipped, but IT was thrown into triple coverage. So, odds are that ball was destined for failure after it left his hands anyway.

This Saints team isnt ready people. They still have big gaping holes at Wide out, right tackle, all the secondary positions , and line backer. As for the Titans, another week another reason to believe that in 3 yrs the TITANS are going to be the dominant team in the AFC. They have the QB of the future, whom all he does is just win. Last night all those crittics of his passing game saw him throw 2 touchdowns and pass for 164 yards. Thats more then serviceable for a "Run First " type of QB. When they get Viec some elite Wide outs , a Safety or two and a monster at left tackle. Its over.

Cheaters Never win.

So as many of you know, I went to a wedding in Portland over the weekend. All in all I had a really great time, and there's no doubt in my mind that all my friends did as well. Its a new day now , and for me that means going back to the gym. I typically workout about 4 to 5 day's a week, and on my current diet, I know what I can and can't do to make the weight fluctuate either here or there. The wedding threw a HUGE loophole in all of that. I was eating so good prior to September 22, 2007. Fast food once a month, no beer, Maybe a a mix drink once a week, but nothing to serious. This past Saturday, I decided I was gonna go to Hooters and celebrate. 20 Buffalo Wings later I was just getting started. I hooked up with some peepz from back in the day, and I my modest 1 mix drink a week was multiplied by 8. I curse the 2 gentlemen who cam up with Grey Goose and Bevedere Vodka Martini's. They ruined what was supposed to be a healthy trip for me. Saturday wasnt as bad, but I was still a little hurt from Friday. I had wedding food ( your typical meats and cheeses ) with Riesling Wine.

Sunday was more of the same as well as I ended up eating Chilli's Tripple Sampler and that held me until I got home. Then yesterday happened. It was time to pay the toll at Gold's Gym. My Cybex glyder I honestly think could since that I was a little scared of what would happen If I stepped on it, and my number werent the same as they would normally be. So as anyone self conscience of there weight would do, I upped all the equipment settings to a higher level and ran like I was being chased by the law. It was painful. However, I did burn the most calories Ive ever burned since obtaining this Gym membership (1300cl )some 2 months ago. Also, I didnt feel bad about my cheating b/c I know some of those calories shed had liquor in them.

Now, If I can just stay low while im in Southern Cali in 2 weeks. I'll be back on track.


At 11:48 AM , Blogger P said...

Vince Young (and the excitement surrounding him) reminds me of how folks felt about a guy who will remain nameless not even five years ago.

I find it hard to believe that you went to Hooters for the food, thankyouverymuch. (Even though I did hear their wings are good).

At 12:19 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I have a punch card for my frequent Hooter trips. If you go there enough during lunch 10 times, its free.

Wifey and I love the wings..It took her awhile b/c she to had doubts, but in the end she saw i really like the food.

Heck now wifey and her work girl friends go there every wed. for lunch.

Vince has the hype, but whats hurting him is he has no help, much like our friend who shall remain nameless..So they'll be categorized together until he gets an elite wideout or solid Rb..


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