Thursday, September 27, 2007

Freedom! Mychal Bell is free...

Blackfolk as I type this Mychal Bell is at home with his loves ones curled up im sure in his own bed thinking about the past yr. Its got to be the best feeling in the world. I hope he knows that what he did , was wake a sleeping giant in the Black Community that has been at rest for far to long. People lets not forget that For this young man we united as one either by petition, black outs protest, sit-ins, marches, rally's and you name it...We got together, for one hell of a great cause and got one our own JUSTICE. Lets not stop there . At this moment Genarlow Wilson still sits in a Georgia Prison for consensual ORAL sex. Keep up the good fight, and lets get him home to.
My people, lets not forget today!

Mychal's Free


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