Friday, September 28, 2007

OSF and Football Friday.

In honor of Mychaals Release the song for OSF (Victory) felt like a no brainer..

NFL Football Picks.
Atl vs Hou
Nyj vs Buf
Bal vs CLE
Dal vs Stl
Chi vs Det
Mia vs Oak
GB vs Min
Car of TB
SF vs Sea
Pit vs Ari
Ind vs Den
SD vs KC
Phi vs Nyg
Ne vs Cin

As far as College goes, you have to go with Oregon at home vs. Cal. The winner of this game is going to have USC in its crosshairs so expect it to get rserious really quick in Eugene, 45-39 Oregon.

Caught Grey's Anatomy Last Night ..Another none premiere I couldve done without..Rather then spoil those who havent seen it, i'll just say this, I couldve did without Izzy trying to bring a deer back to life..

Caught The Office Season Premier a well...The writers of that show dont get nearly enough dredit for there genius. I wont spoil you with this one either, I'll just say this , Rabies are a serious illness that take the lives of 4 people annually. Thank god for people like Michael who organize fun runs for a disease that already has a known cure. Brilliant!


At 8:26 PM , Blogger P said...

Hallelujer with the YAdams. . . LOVES IT!

I have NEVER seen Grey's Anatomy. I guess I am losing some sister to sister (meaning Shonda) points cuz I have never seen it. No particular reason. Haven't seen it.

The Office - My Man! The 40 year old Virgin. It's a great show. It's a real show. We've all lived it to some degree.

At 6:32 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I was made stupid over my football pics this weekend..and the office, classic comedy..


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