Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What to Wear and When To Wear it...

Dressing is one of those topics that in discussion ive tried my best to stay away from. Mainly because I consider myself a blue jean guy and on any occasion I can come up with a really good outfit or excuse to wear them with.

Recently a good friend of mind just got hired at a company where the policy was changed from relaxed blue jean and polo shirt attire to moderate Docker and shirt attire. ( Tie optional) This isnt a stretch from my good friend, b/c even as his roommate back in the day I rarely ever saw him rock a pair of jeans unless on the weekends, and even then he made them look somewhat conservative. This change in dress code has made me wander whats appropriate for what when it comes to dress. Ive alway's had an idea of what to wear and when, but if im somewhat wrong, or you feel you wanna chime in, by all means offer your input.

Bare in mind, im the same person who renigged on my high school reunion b/c the dress code and venue was changed.

For hanging out with the Guys (Sports/Strip Bar ) Blue Jeans and Tee-shirt or Jersey (Jersey warning after 32 youre not allowed to rock jersey unless at a sporting event)

For hanging out with the Guys (PickUp Bar) Option A Nice T-Shirt w/blue jeans or slacks (no over-the-top Logos) Option B Nice Polo Shirt slacks or jeans Option C Sports Coat with nice Shirt Buttoned or T-shirt slacks or jeans The trick to this is if going out in mass (3 or more of you) you dont want to be the under dressed guy who goes un-noticed. Also you dont want to be the over the top loud color wearing guy beggin for attention.

After 5 attire Rules.

The Following applies to all the times you are required to wear a Suit, a tie, and Nice pair of Slacks no exceptions

1. Job Interview This should be self explanatory, but for those who may not get it, you only get one chance at the first impression. You might as well wow'em with that shot

2. Church. Fellas I know alot of you go to the "Non Denominational's" and by and large they say come as you are, BUT if youre trying to impress (and i know the single guys reading this are) you stand out when you impress for the Lord. Ladies notice the effort.

3. Any party youre invited to with an invite. (Invite means someone took the time to buy stationary or invitations) Fellas its easy to show up at the spot as you are. But church rules apply. Tip, to get youre sexy on, dont wear a tie. Color coordinate your suit, and by a new pair of dress shoes. TRUST ME..

4. Weddings. No brainer I assume but to those who dont get it. Showing up here like youre ready for a flag football game will all but leave you out of most every picture and post wedd party there is. Maintain your sexy and rock the nice shirt tie and slack combo.

When in the Company of Female Friends

I always practice the One Up Rule.

When in the company of female friends I always dress one up from the acceptable Dress Code when around my Male Friends.

Always remember if she's a true female friend and theres no sex between you or interest of that, then more then likely she's angling to hook you up with one her friends. (women are always on the lookout to play match maker..dont let them fool you) Staying atop fo your game from a fashion standpoint lets them know that you are astute, trendy, and at the very minimum can afford a certain way of life. When I was dating my wife, I made it a point to never see her in a relaxed casual stated..Ie Jersey, or Nike and other related sports shirt. It wasnt until we were a yr in she actually saw me in something other then a polo or nice button downed shirt. Dont get me wrong I own Jerseys and my sports t-shirt collection is massive, but when out on the town, you'd never know it.

Fella's Its a no brainer that the MOST people are initially attracted to the what they SEE first. No matter your size, your dress can more then make up for whatever you may feel is a detractor to you.

If you notice, at no time did I mention White-Tee's, Sneakers, Ice or Gold Fronts. I may be a little older now, but this trend does not garner the attention of women I consider myself being with in the long term. Your thoughts...


At 8:51 AM , Blogger P said...

Very good tips.


Women LOVE:

Nice Shoes, and a Good Watch on a man. We like him to smell good (cologne preferably but just that Irish Spring clean scent will do for some women).

We like clean hands. You don't have to have your hands looking like a Biotch - just clean. And Nice Teeth. If you don't have nice teeth (they don't have to be Luther Vandross STRAIGHT), just nice and clean, then we have a problem.

At 10:53 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

"Lookin like a biotch"--too funny..
I was gonna go with some personal hygiene tips, but i thought about , and well MOST men have a grip on that..At least the ones who tend to read my blog anyhow..

No doubt on the shoes though..Ive noticed it ALOT..

As far as cologne, now thats a later segment..Its tough to gauge what to where when. At a bar setting you dont want to a cologne stronger then the smell of the food, but at the same time you want it noticed..see now im going to have to do some digging..


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