Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Game Premiere and My Busy Weekend..

Keeping in tune with my season Premiere spectaculars The Game (UPN/CW) came back last night, and so Far peepz it is by far and away the BEST premiere with promise to get flat out gully to date!

Finale Recap.
Darwin was sleepin with the R&B mommie and after feeling guilty about his deed, decided he'd fess up to Melanie. Half way through his confession he can since the hurt and disgust in her voice and he forgoes his idea of telling her the truth about his affiar and simply charges IT to the game. (no pun intended) At the NFL party Darwin's publicist catches up with him and voices her frustration over his infidelities b/c she has secretly wanted to sleep with him, but he's declined whatever advances she's tried. The Pub. clues him in on how her frat sister was there when he did his deed, and who should be standing right behind Darwin as he's trying to explain his reasoning, yep Melanie. She promptly walks out on our Star Reciever at the Party and leaves Darwin to the Backdrop of Beyonce's Irreplaceable.

*****Premiere Spoiler*****

So the premiere starts with Melanie Catching an Elevator to her car with Darwin in back pocket on the chase. While in the lobby they get into a HUGE shouting match in which she hits him with " You up here lookin like the Chicago 2-STEP Champion" and " I hope she gave you something"
Our good girl Melanie was in rare form going off on any and everybody who came her way. Even her 2 Sunbeam Girlfriends took some of the heat b/c they knew what was happening, and yet didnt inform Mel. Of Course this prompted her to dorp the Backstabb blast on them, of which she never took back, and they still forgave her for.

Later on her 2 friends decide to go re-coup her belongins from Darwins place and he's having none of that. After forcing them to leave, Melanie returns 2 hrs later with Darwins worst enemy, the Reciever that was taken before him, and was snapped in numreous photos with his gal lsat season. This has the potential for getting ugly but DARWIN is put into an arm hold and Mel along with a dude who resembles security get her stuff and leave.

As the show ends, we are gave a Peak into the season and yall, its sooooooooo goooood..Something Snaps in Melanie and now she's gone bad, sexy bad. She's showing up to practice hoochie fied, ridin around with the enemy, and I could swear I saw a clip with her in bed with the QB. (He's another staple in the show, but I franly could care less for his current story line) Also, it appears Darwins mentor Jason (Also the teams Star Wide out) looks as if he's holding out from training camp and him and wifey get into a very heated debate about that circumstance.
Overall 9.0 out of 10 Could very well be the best show on tv many of you are not watching..

Melanie Tia Mowry (One of The Twins from Sister Sister)
Darwin Pooch Hall
Tasha Mack Wendy Raquel Robinson
Jason Coby Bell
Malik (QB) Hosea Chanchez
Kelly Brittany Daniel
The Weekend With Family..
Ok so as many of you know, Ive mentioned that we are in the process of planning a family reunion. Yours truly has taken the honors as being the Coordinator, web master, and chair of pretty much every committee out there. Well, Saturday I tried with all my migh to let go of some of these responsibilities, only to be told, I didnt have enough (I know put my head into a bag and shout profanities). Family is funny. Now they have 1,000,000 different suggestions as to how to make this reunion work, BUT the moment you want to start laying bricks down for foundation, thats when things start to look "hokey" in there eyes. With that said, we had about 16 people show, and eventaully we ironed out a date for our next reunion. I still need a treasurer, as well as an assistant, (I dont know if you notice but I travel ALOT for my job) and I could use a muse to scream at when I just need to unwind.
The Good:
There are many who WANT TO HELP
The Bad:
They dont want to much responsibility. My question is, how do I as a very juinior person in the family light the fire in those senior to me??


At 10:07 AM , Blogger P said...

Black Family Reunions. Equal Drama, Equal Fun.

You already know the deal. Most people don't want to do the grunt work. They want to do the CUTE stuff that the reunion that's not going to cause them any backend hassles and/or headaches. They want to be the one that passes out the prizes, announces the youngest/oldest family member, etc., etc.

And of course, at all family reunions, you have the resident wino, (possible) crackhead, thief, the possible "Don't leave the kids around them" family member, and the "Dayum, is that my cousin" good looking folks. :)

At 10:08 AM , Blogger P said...

PS. I find it difficult to believe that you don't turn into the game primarily for the chick factor.

At 12:53 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

You know whats funny, I actually can name off the top of my head all the family members you just mentioned...

AND many of them are within the greater Houston Area.(KINDA ODD WHEN MY FAM IS STRETCHED ALL OVER)

As for the game, im really not into the women. Its a really good show. I get that alot..

At 12:58 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

meant to say as far as that show goes...(the last comment doesnt read right)


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