Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Football Recap, and Single Points Of Failure.

There's much more football to recap this week then last week. In college its getting to the point to where, if there's a number on your back, odds are youre gonna get upset. In the pro's its pretty much the Colts, Cowboys and Patriots. Everybody else is just here for the show.

To the Pros 10 Things I Learned.

10. Carolina is no longer my Superbowl Favorite coming out of the NFC. You can thank David Carr for that. As a Texans fan I saw this guys act up close. Im not buying it. I invoke my right to pick the team who I had going to the NFC Champ. game, The Cowboys..(go look it up)

9. For all you who picked the Saints, how exactly is that decision working out? 0-4 . They suck.

8. Lets set the record straight now. Travis Johnson was justified for getting foolish DURING the game, but was classless afterwards. Thats the bottom line. Oh and count me in as one those people who think the Dolphins might not win a single game this year.

7. Bengal fan. Be glad it was a bye this weekend or else you might have lost another game you were supposed to win. You guys are my HUGE disappointment this year.

6. Cowboy peepz. That game had me on the edge of my seat. I wander if you'll have anything left for the Patriots. Oh by the way, thats a SB preview, dont get it twisted. Show up, or go home.

5. Seahawk fan, let that game show you exactly where you are. That was a game for pride alone you had to win vs. the Steelers. You are just not ready .

4. Bronco Fan, dont feel bad, the entire AFC West is bad. Now all you have to do is go to San Diego and beat them.

3. Titan fan, Vince is good, but its getting tough to defend some of his decisions. He's riding one hell of a skill train. Eventually he's gonna get called to the table against a team who wont make a offensive mistake.

2. Rams fan. Damn. You and 49er fan have got to be feeling low now. That division stinks and yet there's nothing you can do to rise up from it. Injuries are a plague and its taken your conference by storm.

1. Raven Fan, 9-7 is nice for the D, but its further proof your offense is offensive. Thats not gonna get you far in the AFC. Either Mc Nair and the O-Coordinator figure it out, or its over.

College Recap.

10 UCLA YOU REALLY HURT ME..I guess it was just a matter of time before Notre Shame won one, I just didnt expect it, until week 7. Oh well, Charlie still off to a 1-5 start with USC and others lurking. I can live with that. Hey Charlie, its still pathetic. You won against a 3rd stringer.

9. FL V. LSU many say was the game of the ages. I say slow down. Where were you when Boise played Okl.? Where were you for UT USC? It was nice people but come on.

8. Speaking of LSU, family dont believe the hype, they play in the SEC. There gonna get got. Im telling people to hitch there Wagon to CAl and USF. Laugh now, but USF only has to play Rutgers (at Rut) Cincinnati (at home) and Lou (at home) its iffy but possible. If Cal can stay out of its own way and get past USC (which it plays in No CAL) they should be unstoppable.

7. Longhorn peepz Charles is a falling star. I thought so highly of him. He's really disappointed. His fumbles have been big all yr, but vs. Oklahoma he killed it for you.

6. Sooner fan, i'd like to tell you that youre still in it, but youre not. A&M, Missouri, and Ok St. are looming your schedule. You know youre very much stumble capable. If you can make it past one of these 3 youre in the clear. I just dont see it happening.

5. Wisconsin Fan. Every yr your team starts out like this. It was no surprise to me that yall got exposed. YOU DONT PLAY ANYBODY. Schedule Mich and Ohio St. together in the same year and I MAY start to respect you.

4. USC FAN...Damn..Just Damn...(Inset Punch Bowl here)

3. Francione and A&M have got to divorce themselves quickly. How does a guy in TEXAS get so many chances to coach subpar FOOTBALL? I just dont get it. Its like being the coach of the Yankees and being allowed to manage subpar baseball. It doesnt happen.

2. I have to give the Mizzou Tigers props. Way to crush Nebraska. I dont think you guys stand a chance vs. Oklahoma, but youre one of those teams I cant look away from.

1. LSU fan. Dont sleep on Kentucky. I know Andre Woodson gets alot of pub, but there's a reason why he does. He's really good. If you sleep on this team , you'll awake to a nice ass kickin.

Do what many think you'll do and crush them from start to finish. If not, expect to be next in line at the slide .

Single Point of Failure..

Sorry fam no Cali for the kid. Initially I was supposed to be typing this post at 1pm PST 3pm central, but circumstances got changed at Talledega. My supervisor was at a NASCAR event and blew his back out leaving his hotel room. Rather then giving the vote of confidence in yours truly, he informed the Government that his contacts are just that HIS CONTACTS. So at 3pm on Saturday I got told that my plans to go to Southern California got put on hold. Its still happening , just at a later date.

Here's my issue, aren't we past the time where organizations rely so heavily on one person? It creates situations like this where no one can win. When that person is injured or unable to perform for whatever reason, your whole organization is on hold. How does that keep the cogs going?

I'm all for back up training. Maybe its just me, but I'd like to know that my business can function properly with the absence of one.


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