Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Round Up

Once again I will take you around the Spectrum of everything life.

Osi had 6 sacks, then went out and grabbed 4 asses. (NSFW)

The NY Times say's Sleeping with your Friends "Complicates Things " Really? Whats next eating Doghnuts make you fat?

It appears Marion Jones WAS CHEATING in 2000. Damn

My new it song of the Moment Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo
I hate that I love You

Fellas how many of yall knew
this page existed? Even better how many of yall are on this page?
For those not in the know the way it works is, you break her heart, she writes it up and tells her friends all about it. Yall like that all ya dirt is in the open?? Godd Bless the internet...

Ladies how many of yall knew
this page (NSFW)existed. Sticks and stones can do damage to bones but pics you can never recover from..

Guess Im going home today and finding a new way to get my Music..Did anybody catch this lawsuit filed by the RIAA?? DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

Finally Happy Birthday Bernie Mac. One of the funniest cats out. " A F*CK AINT nuttin but 50 pumps. I count 'em...After that Im done."


At 11:31 AM , Blogger P said...


Marion Jones. A sad and disastrous end to an 'illustrious',so to speak, career, not to mention she's flat broke.

I think she had a lot of problems with mens and thangs, as well.

And as for that site, don't date em girl. . .Yes, I knew about it. . .Did you know the owner was a sista? She must have been scorned like a mutha fucka.

At 11:40 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I actually find it hard to believe she was in denial this long. I aint trippin, but she couldnt look more like a man. (If we ever dated, I'da had to give her the package check..)

Yeah I fonund that page accidently a couple of months ago. I had no good reason of adding it until someone emailed the corresponding page below it. If youre motivated to create a page warning other's im sure you got let down HARD in that relationship. Furniture was moved, -ish was broken, and something got either A. Keyed, B. stolen or C.Sabotaged.


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