Friday, October 05, 2007

My Superfresh NFL Picks and 3 Day Weekend

Its that time of the week again family. Last week didnt go so hot for the kid. However, It is worth noting that I didnt do so bad in college.

With that said here's my pics for this up comming week of football

Hou over Mia
Both Teams need the win H-towns at home

Jac over KC
Its simple KC will not run well against this team

NE over Cle
It will be closer then many of you think

NO over Car
David Carr is a loser. I dont openly pick losers

The Battle OF NY
Go with the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS... Eli's on a rollercoaster.

Pitt over Sea
Not really the SB rematch with so many absent who played in the game . But will still be fun to watch

Ari over Stl
I cant believe STL is playing this badly.

Was over DET
Roy Williams is going to catch one. (And By catch one I mean get popped )I promise yall.

Ten over Atl
Vince will look like Superman vs. this team

Ind over TB
Ind is going into this banged up, but Payton's still starting. Thats all I need to hear

Den over SD
Wont be able to pass with Champ and Bly, and running might be difficult with when everyone in the building see's it coming.

Bal over SF
Im not a Dilfer Fan

GB over CHI
Its in GB, and there winning, that and Chi has no offense.

Dal all over Buf
This will be done by halftime.


Texas V. Oklahoma
Go with the Sooners Fam. Texas isnt interested in doing anything but thugging lately. Mack might be losing his grip.

LSU V. Florida
Now the big boys come out to play. LSU's defense will produce 5 first rounders. for that reason alone I say pick them.

Missouri V. Nebraska
Go with Mizzou on this one. Nebraska's defense is horrible.

So with that said, Its A 3-day weekend for many of us. What are your plans? When I was in the military I tried my best to make sure these would start at 11 on the Friday. Man things changed when I got out. Now those are hours lose from the pay. (Still getting use to that) There may or may not be a post on Monday, and Tuesday if there's a post , It will come late as I will be in Southern California from Tues-Fri.


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