Friday, October 05, 2007

Old School Friday Michael Jackson In the Closet

Rewatching this Video there's a couple things I wander if anyone noticed.

1. MJ is in a Wife Beater.
2. There's a Scene when Mike Literally Pop-locks and Drops it.
3. Naomi gettin straight Gangsta with hers (Lord knows i did)
4. In like the last 47 seconds Mike just gets gully.

Now there are many reasons why this song is one of my ATF'S. The biggest is it explores every facet of Mike's game. In this song, you here his falceto, (sp) his ability to go from pop to smooth without missing a beat, and you get a glimpse at how Mike the Entertainer puts it down.

Coldblooded, this video is simply cold blooded..Oh yeah and Naomi make a homey wanna jump throug the screen at certain times...


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