Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vince is Coming, and my Review of the Kingdonm

Alright, So if youre not in the City of Houston, this might not mean much, but Vince Young is coming back to Houston, and already the towns a lather on how they'll feel. Now, im in San Antonio, (currently in BFE CALI) but my opinion of the issue is still the same.

Vince is great, I love the guy to death, BUT, he's a Titan now, and I have to follow my team. Now like many Texans fans, it broke my heart to watch us pass on him, and then have him clown us silly in early Dec., but that happened, and I moved on from it. Painful as it was, I made life work for me. Many in my hometown just cant let it go. I understand, but I want to remind them that he's not coming back, and will never for that matter. GET OVER IT!

We have a team that has a pretty decent identity and even though its drenched in underachiever musk, its got potential. In 3 yrs I promise you this is a 10 win team. Its just right now they need some help. Everybody does not name New England or Indy.


REVIEW OF THE KINGDOM starring Jamiee Foxx, Jennifer Gardner, and Jason Bateman

Ok peepz, Ive had this on the radar to watch for a minute. Wifey and I just could never nail down the particulars. Last night, while slow in Ridgecrest a co-worker and I walked out of quite possibly one of the best movies of the year. ..

*****Spoilers below*****

Jamiee stars as a Lead FBI tactical response agent who looses a teammate in a random act of Terror in Saudi Arabia. He then assembles a team of experts to go out and investigate who may be the cause of the act that killed over 100 Americans and agents. While out there, Jamiee and his team (Jennifer, Chris C, and Jason) run into obstacles with the saudi government b/c many DONT want them there, and feel THEY should be the ones handling the investigation.

After the back and fortth Jamiee and Co. finally are givin le-way and proceed with there findings. All is well until they find themselves in a pocket where the terrorist who planned the attack are hiding. A very intense Fire fight ensues there after.

Jamiee and Jen put it down. Youll leave very happy with there performances. Jamiee gets to laying cats down with such precision that you'd honestly think he's been doing this all his life.

Im giving it a 4.2 out of 5 stars. A must watch!

Its not getting not as near as much credit as I think it should.


At 12:01 PM , Blogger P said...

Vince Young is my new boyfriend. Had to skip the other stuff because I have not seen that movie yet as well.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

this page was at one time doubling as the VY fan page..Ive since relaxed my stance..That cat told H to get over it..Hes not coming was kinda heart breaking..Damn Man crushes....


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