Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Somebody Reeeaalllly Didnt want me In Southeast Cali

Talk about a tip that wasnt supposed to be! I get to the airport to be told my ticket was cancelled. They fix the error, by placing me on a flight 12 hrs ahead of the one im supposed to be on, and to make it worse, my luggage was checked for that flight as well. By the grace of all things holy, the nice people at the Presidents Club hooked a homie up and fixed the situation, luggage and alll thus getting me to Cali in time,and with my luggage..
SOOOO, Again my peepz i grace you from a remote location somewhere in between the desert, and that place locals call Ghost Area. Ridgecrest California. I aint gonna lie, I thought this place was close to civilization, but Damn Google Earth is a liar..Anyhow, im here and i'll give you a quick rundown of the local amenities.

1st Fast Food. It never fails, if you go somewhere off in the beaten path, them joints seemed to be packed with every fast food joint, both New and Old. I swear to yall, I saw a Wienerschnitzel and a Blimpie's in this piece.

2nd Bail Bondsman. Peepz, I havent checked for it, but I know theres a jail near by. Ive seen 4 bailsbonds locations, and this is in a place with a population LESS then 10,000.

3rd. Goofy Novelty Shops. At my count ive seen 3 Fortune Tellers, 2 Magic/International Game Shops, and 1 Certified Gypsy.

4th Radio Station non support. Yep, you already know. 1 R and B radio station, (which im sure is from Vegas) and its choppy.

The good news, Im in Cali.! So now, Ive got friends to catch up on (somehow) and bizness to do.

The bad, its gonna be fun, being almost 90 miles in the desert doing so. The challenge begins.


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