Friday, October 12, 2007

My Super Fresh Football Picks

Ok so its that time where I grace you with my NFL and College Picks..

Hou V. Jac

Jac's at home. They owe H-town an ass whippin

STl V. Bal

Bal will make it closer then it should be

Min V. Chi

No good reasons pop up to pic Min.

Mia V Cle

Cle's at home. Mia might not win a game this yr.

Was V GB

Sean Taylor wil body Rock Donald Driver at least once.

Cin V. Kc

Start Houshmanzadeh. He's gonna eruppt on Sunday

Phi V. NYJ

Westbrooks back .Thats all I had to hear.

Ten V. TB

Garcia will throw for 300 in this game.

Car V. Ari

Who's starting at QB for Car?

Oak V. SD

The Chargers are back.

NO V. Sea

My adopted Hawks are gonna crush Reggie. And then Paytons gonna go on a tyrade that'll make Dennis Green Proud

NE V. Dal

I been getting alot flack for my pick of The Patriots BUT PEEPZ PLEASE LISTEN...The Boy's are coming off a Monday Night Game, and lack proper cornerback and safety teamwork. This coupled with THE FAR to many weapons that the Patriots have are going to bold to much for Dallas...For now.. Pats 34- Boys 21.


I wont be watching this one, but Go with the Gia over Atl..Who cares that these 2 are even playing


LSU V. Kentucky..


Its in Kentucky, and the last time that game was played there, J-Russell threw a hail mary to win the game with no time remaining. Yall remember the Kentucky coached being dousssed with water and they still lost. Fam, The Kentucky Wildcats are back. Go with Kentucky .

Texas A &M V Texas Tech.

Go with the Red Raiders in this one fam. Francione can not be focused on this game. If he is, then he's got my vote for least rattled coach of the year.

Mizzou V. Okla

Okla will make this ALOT closer then it should be. Mizzou is good, but there cornerbacks are young.

Boston College V. Notre Dame

The Irish are coming off a win, but there still gonna get served up at home by the REAL irish of B.C.


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