Sunday, October 14, 2007

So Much Football, So Much To Brag About!

It was a GREAT weekend for football over at the HQ for this blog! I gotta bottle of Goose, a nice couple of upsets, and a great next couple of Braggin right days...I love football!

On to the 10 Things I learned in the Pros

10 . Miami Sucks! No trash talking allowed until you guys starts winning.

09. Uh, anyone notice Jacksonsville has won 4 straight?

08. Im not saying Cowboys Patriots was overrated, but I am saying this, NFC guy, your conference isnt ready for big boy football.

07 St. Louis, put it on the board, 0-11 start is coming. They are my secret pick to lose every game they play

06. Texan Fan, youre doin the best you can, with what you have, but Vince coming to town, I'd want to send a message. Make everyone come back..This one counts!

05. My guy Sean Taylor came to play, but Jason Campbell is still to young in the game..

04. I said it before, and im going to say it again, the Chargers aare back!

03. Does anybody care about the NFC WEST? Seriously, the winner of that piece is gonna have an 8-8 record.

02. Bear fan, you lost w/o Grossman back there, thats sad!!!!!!

01. Bengal Fan, I thought I'd never be the one to say it, but it Marvin Lewis may have lost control of this team. When, youre losing to a one horse show in KC its bad. When many expected yall to be making some serious noise its really bad. I sure hope Marvin keeps his job, but damn, it does not look good.. You name it, The Arrest, the Let Downs, and the soon to be upset fans wanting change will not let this die. Its to bad to, he completly rebuilt this franchise.

On to College..Yes!

10. My Oregon Ducks looked great..Yall keep sleepin on em ...I know the truth..

09. I know youre gonna hit me with Cal, but , all my Ducks gotta do is get pastUSC, and there back in it. Oh and Cal fan, OUCH!!!

08. A&M Fan, should be up and running an day now.

07. Damn Boston College, yall had to let the Genius put 2 more offensive touchdowns on the board. Its all good though, yall still won. He Chuck, 1-6 HOWS THAT TASTE?

06. I really enjoy watching USF. You should to, there gonna be making alot of noise soon..

05. LSU Fan, no one goes undefeated in the SEC, you knew that right? My brother backed you guys, and I was NOT convinced your offense was champ worthy..

04. Sooner Fan, with the latest BCS standings,yall got it on easy street. Just beat the chumps.

03. Nobody believed me when I said South Carolina was for real, well look at them now..

02. Michigan, welcome back to the top 25. I had yall winning the whole thing, but, I'll settle for a bowl game and a blow out of Ohio St.

01. Kentucky fan, dont sleep, this one aint over yet. Yall might see them cats again in the SEC championship game. Keep fighting. Also, you got Fla at home this, week, every game counts. Know this though, we are all rooting for yall!


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