Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thanks to my Cali Peepz!

I know I didnt get to catch all of yall, but to those I did get to see, WOW! The Morango Casino was a very pocket emptying experience. The Roscoe's house of Chicken and Waffle's isnt going to bold well with my gym membership, and Im pretty sure yall have some of the WORST traffic in Southern Cali that Ive ever witnessed. I have no idea how people work every day who commute on the 405 or the 101.

With that said, my Ridgecrest, Ontario, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs trip couldnt have went any better.


At 11:56 AM , Blogger P said...

Who did you get to meet? It certainly wasn't me, considering the message was sent to my myspace and I only check that every two years!

Naw, that's all me. I really wish I could have hung out with y'all. And you went to the Marungo Casino? And Roscoe's? I'm glad someone was able to get you there, and NO it does NOT bode well with anybody's workout plan. A twice a year treat, if that. How the hell do they expect us to stay in shape out here, yanno?

See you on the next go round. :) Drinks (Bailey's) are on me.

At 12:38 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I made it work P...

You and a cousin of mine I didnt get to see..(I came there she came here...who new??)

I did get to hang out with some of my ex mililtary friends ..They ran me to Roscoe's and I felt so guilty..Marongo got me for a grip there as well...I'll hold you to the Baileys comment! Trust...


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