Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charged up San Diegans put Beat Down On Kubs and CO. Texans fan Look Away..

Initially I was gonna title this blog, the Carr Fiasco, BUT that catz on another team, laughing his ASS off at this one. No chain reaction conspiracy blogs from me today..Today I got to watch as the Texans got embarrassed by San Diego 35-10 to drop to 3-5 and rest assure there last place spot in the NFC South..

They played pathetically at every aspect to. You name it, the passing game, the D-line, the O-line, the running game, the Linebackers, the Secondary, the special teams..If could be played poorly it was..The only glare of hope today was the guy they signed off the practice squad.Joe Echemandu. Im sure after today, that guy's probably on the phone with his agent asking to be traded.

With such bad play exhibited today, many dont know where to place the blame. Do you lay it on Kubiak? He's the one who told Mc Nair he can win the SuperBowl with David Carr..(Id love a hit of the stuff he wsa smoking)

Do you put it on Ric Smith (GM)?? He's been listening to Sherman waaaay to much signing ex Packer Duds Ahman Green, Mike Flanagan, Samkon Gado and the like.. All flaked out. Not to mention Jordan Black and his complete inability to address the running back game past has been Green.

What about Schaub?? Say what you want about the guy he replaced this much is simple, Carr could take a lick, and ricky tick it right back up there..Schaubs numbers by the way, eeeeearily similar to the other #8.

Texan fan, I chose Mario. He's a bust that makes Dolly Parton Blush. He's a waist BFI cant move out of town. He's a thief Kevin Cato wants to turn in. He flat out is the biggest MISTAKE IN THE HISTORY OF FIRST ROUND Play PICKS EVER. He's getting paid 26 Million guaranteed DOLLARS TO MAKE COVERAGE SACKS ????????? ARE YOU KUCKING FIDDING ME?

This team has drafted D- line count'em 5 straight times. He was to make for the Anchor in which it hung its hat on..Evidently, the anchor is serving its purpose quite nicely. Never has a player held a player down with there pathetic play so much...

Now they sit at 3-5. Dont think OAK is just gonna let you come in and beat the stuffin outta them cuz youre do. I fully expect yall to lay it down there also. Its cool though , youve made my movement gain legs and run faster then I could ever do it by myself..Keep losing and Mc Fadden will be all but a lock...

Darren Mc Fadden in 08


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