Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My 10 Guilty Pleasures

So, without going to crazy on this topic, I just wanted to give a rundown of some of the things in my life that arent the norm, but I can have almost all the time..The guilt associated with these things follows you around at least a week and sometimes longer depending on how much you cheat on your normal life, BUT there so good that at times you just cant help it.

10. Churches Spicy Chicken
I have no reason on Gods green earth to eat it, but in a pinch , best believe I' ll be at churches getting the 3 piece with jalapenos and a coke. I can eat it cold, hot, and even f its been sitting out for hrs. Its just that good to me.

9. Baileys Irish Cream Liquor
Man this could really EASILY be #1 on the list. I can drink it anytime and anyplace. I use to mix in my coffee and stroll to work. I use to keep it in a flask and order milk when we ate out and pour it with that as well. (makes the best chocolate milk when you do it that way! ) I like it cold, but like Churches it can be served straight up as well and its just as good. Its my whenever wherever drink. A bottle of it can go down in one sitting. Its just that good..

8. Dexter/Weeds/Californication (Showtime)
Its hard for me to get into a TV series after its 1ST season, but Showtime really came through in the clutch with Dexter. This show has it all. A serial killing forensic analyst. And, he's walking the streets like your Average Joe. (im caught up on it by the way)
Weeds is so good I actually missed the first 3 seasons of it, and I dont even care. I like it that much. Mary Louis Parker is very underrated, and that says alot considering she beat out the housewife ladies one yr for best actress in a comedy
Californication I honestly thought I'd hate. Its good though. Hank(David Duchovny) is hard to hate as an author suffering from a divorce and the worst case of writers block known to man. He sexes up women, and still passionately loves his baby moms. Its really good.

7. Krispy Kreme
C'mon does this really need me breakin it down? Lets just say there are two donuts there I try to avoid yet they get the best of me on a daily. Blueberry Cream, and Apple Fritter....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Deadly! Workouts are that much tougher after these.

6. Life (NBC)
Another Guilty pleasure Im very proud of. I really hope this show stays on the air. A cop wrongly accused of murder who gets let out with a 50 million dollar settlement and a new lease on life.

5. Sock it to Me Cake /7-UP CAKE...
Two extremely good down south pleasures I dont even know how to explain. Instead I'll just
link you here, and drop this little nugget off. You'll know once you had both. I promise you that..

4. Tylenol Pm
Ex Navy type here. When you can go from a 12hr shift, to sleeping under a gun turret, every now and again you'll need something to help you sleep. These little blue pills are almost as certain as it gets. I eventually took that pleasure out the military with me. And, my wife now loves them to. I kid you not, 2 of these will lay you flat.

3. Blogging.
Thanks to what initially started out to me as an online hobby, I can now pass hrs away at work as a fixture on several message boards. My user name is the same everywhere I go and I blog on anything from the TEXANS, to Music, to Movies, and Television. There are no limits. Any free time I get, I blog.

2. Venti Mocha Frappuchino Light Whip Heavy Chocolate Syrup (Starbucks)
I order this once weekly. It use to be 3 times a week before I realized I was spending nearly 60 bucks a month at Starbucks. I frankly didnt care. This creation is so good that everytime I fly both ways I order it. Its so good that I actually validated a way to have it in my diet..Im a confesses chocoholic with a caffeine addiction. This is like my liquid oasis..

1. Peanut M&M's( Yellow Bag )
I use to actually keep a jar of these as a centerpiece when you'd enter my barracks room. I dont know why, its not like I was sharing them. I by them every other day, ( 2 for 2 dollar sale) so I have enough for each day of the week. I dont know how to explain how good they are yet do nothing for me, i'll just say that there a staple in my every day. If im stressed, i buy them. If I need a quick snack, I buy them. If for whatever reason I stop inside a convenient store, gas station, or grocery store, I buy them. There my crack. I eat them that much.


At 11:47 AM , Blogger P said...

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At 11:53 AM , Blogger P said...

LMAO as I read this entire post. One of your Funniest. Me, being, me, I've actually got a story about a few of them.

Church's Chicken. I have a few years on you, but um, my 12th grade Gub-Ment teacher (who was, I suspect, a secret card carrying member of the Black Panthers) told us not to each Church's chicken because there was an ingredient in it that made black men sterile. Obviously you have had no problem. Of course, me being an impressionable 17 year old, I believed what he said, including the fact that JFK JR. didn't die right away, and that he was shipped off to an island because he became a vegetable, and died a few years later.

Baileys: I have to tell you. I'm not a drinker. I might have one a year if you're lucky. Definitely not a hard drinker, you can forget it. But I used to go out with this guy who told me that he put Bailey's in his Sweet Potato Pies. I tried it, everyone loves it. Interesting enough, my niece (who at the time was about 12) kept going back to get pie! :)

Dexter: I haven't watched it yet but I've heard it's SICK (no pun intended). I think I might have to step up the game. (Have you seen the Salt and Pepa show?) Maybe that's of an obsessive interest for me, considering I wanted to BE them.

Krispy: I don't eat them anymore, but that's only because I think I OD's on them several years ago.

Seven up Cake: Yum yum. Enough said.

Tylenol PM: Okay, no, see, lemme tell you the story. About two years ago I kept waking up at three PM. It was wreaking havoc on my work and personal life. I started taking those muthas, and I felt like Rush Limbaugh must feel taking oxy-contin. I was about to get caught up, I'm not going to even lie.

Blogging: You're one of the faves, you know that.

Starbucks: I'm a coffee bean and tea leaf kind of chick. Ultimate Vanilla rocks. I couldn't commit what would amount to blaspheme and do Starbucks (even though I have had their sandwiches and eggs florentine muffin)

The only chocolate I like is my men and Hostess Cupcakes.

At 12:33 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

had this been a couple of yrs sago, T.Pm would be number 1.
Baileys is a treat youre really missing on. As for chocolate, that IS blaspheme on this page. We dont hate on chocolate here! thats the wander drug...


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