Friday, October 26, 2007

My Super Fresh Sunday Picks and OLD SKOOL FRIDAY

Alright, before I go into the picks, on The Houston Chronicle Sports Blogs, Ive been somewhat called to the carpet by some DIEHARD'S. I wanna clear things up so we can understand that I to am indeed a fan. Its just my loyalty is shown a little different then most of yours.

I was a diehard Oilers fan. As a kid I'd pretend to Be Drew Hill and my brother would be Ernest Givens. Ray Childress was my next favorite Oiler as I got older and bigger, and after that Steve Mc Nair. When the team went away, I followed them to Nashville. This was all fine and dandy until the The Texans showed up. From that moment on I was instantly a fan of all things Texans. I was of the belief that Carr was the next John Elway. All he needed was help. I knew for sure given the lineup, we'd make a difference.

After years of ineptitude however, My mood changed. Im now bitter fan guy. I support this team no matter what, BUT when they screw up, Im holding feet to the fire. Part of its b/c of my being stationed on the East Coast. Fans there educated me on how to be rowdy. Its fine and dandy to be wait and see guy, but that guy is just glad to have a team. I want my team WINNING. Or at least putting a product on the field that wants to win. The Texans over the past 6yrs have shown me that there not interested in winning at all. More so they appear only interested in just being there.

Thats my take on it. And now on to the Picks

Indy v. Car
There starting Carr, go with Indy..Tampa 2 gives him fits!
Det v. Chi
Bears at Home..Its really all I have to hear..(That and no Grossman)
Pit v. Cin
Bengals SHOULD get the emotional win. If not Chad we can use you in the H.
Nyg v. Mia
The Giants win this one, and then the Brits ask all the Brutha's if they knew TUPAC (it use to happen to me all the time)
Phi v. Min
Go with the Iggles . Mc Nabb has Westbrook on Turf..
Cle v. Stl
I like Cle, mainly b/c without pace, its gonna be tough.
Oak v. Ten
Ten is alot better then people give them credit. Plus no matter who starts at QB, they both present mismatches that the Raiders have no answers for.
Buf v. Nyj
Chad plays the game of his career. Clemens is breathing down his back right now.
Hou v. SD
SD wil also win the Emotional game for the fans. Somehow though, this one has the makings of being the biggest blowout on the page.
Jac v. TB
TB knows how to slow down a runner. Once MJD and FT are stopped this team is exposed.
Was v. Ne
Ne gets my boy Shawn Taylor. Granted, it wont matter if Ronnie Lotts out there, its gonna be a blow out. Ne wins big.
NO v. SF
Reggie is gonna ham it up in front of his home state. ..I would!
GB v. Denver
Look at it this way. Denver represents a middle of the pack AFC team. GB represents NFC elite. Once Denver wins, (and they will) it will be further proof that the NFC is the JV league. A serious black eye for the NFC after this one.

To the Games Played on Saturday

Oregon V. USC
Fam Im a duck fan. Dennis Dixon AT HOME should win this one. Sanchez is aiight, but against a solid offense like oregon, he's gonna have to bring it every single snap to match. I like the Ducks at home.

Ohio St. V. Penn St.
Buckeyes roll them late. It'll decieve up until halftime, then Robiskie will break one.

Nebraska V. Texas
Texas adds another notch to the fire Calahan paddle. They'll keep it close though.


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