Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dating At Work

I have a good friend and daily reader of the blog who told me to bring the following topic to the table and ask for opinions on it. He really likes a girl at work, but in the past he's seen far more misses then hits in this practice. Ive told him that I personally wouldnt do it and here's the points I hit him with.

1. When it doesnt work out, yall get to see each other every day.
2. You no room for personal space. If it works out, and you decide to spend more and more time together, then you have nothing interesting or fresh to talk about b/c you see each other all the time.
3. Friends are equal. Some tend to like it, others dont. But, sharing friends can be problamatic when there's conflict.

There are Positives though and even though I aimed primarily to have him NOT do this, I hit him with these.

1 .Gas is alot cheaper when you share a car to work
2. No trust issues
3. Scheduling things together is alot easier when youre on the same schedule.

I can only speak from my personal expereince, but I cant reccomend dating a someone you have to see for 16 hrs a day M-F. Now my boy and this girl have been flirting for the better part of a month now, and last night they went on a group outing and though there was 6 people from the job present, him and the girl broke off and spent alot of time alone towards the end. I told him while its still fresh, let it go. BUT, thats just what I'd do.
I'll Leave it out there..


At 1:46 PM , Blogger P said...

Don't shit where you eat.

Been there, done that.

Unfortunately, it's a hard pill to swallow, considering that most people deal with work people more than they deal with anyone else during the week and dayum if I haven't seen a few! There are always exceptions to the rule, but to me, exceptions prove the rule. It's generally not a good idea, in my humble opinion. Not only that, it can run into a myraid of issues, just as you say, when it dissolves and you have to look in one or the other's face.

Also, when one engages in Pillow Talk, you often times find that many a logic has been suppressed in the interest of an outstanding night of 68 I owe you one activity. It becomes easier to send that sweetie come break me off email, it becomes casual to brush up against each other. To go for a little afternoon delight, or anything in between.

Many of man has gotten caught up, lost their job even, from engaging while at work, (the guy from World Bank and one of the heads of Boeing, to be exact). Here are the articles to prove it. Moving folks around in jobs, emails and stuff. For Boeing, some hater turned him in.



I vote against it.

Even though.

The power of the D and the P seems to get folks erry time!

PS: You ever read my post on this?

At 4:45 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

ima have to hunt it down p..
(now I have homework)
so far its 6 against and 3 for..
2of the 3 for it are married to co-workers..AND THE THIRD is engaged..


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