Monday, November 05, 2007

Football talk Monday

5 Things I learned from College Football

5. Charlie Weis Cant Coach!. Let it be known this guy sucks and should be fired now! You lost to Navy Chuck?? Navy?? Really?? Now you get to answer all the questions next year about why you should keep your job. Im so glad Ty get to watch you suffer from afar. The only thing that would make this sweeter would be you tanking the rest of the way. Lets go Air Force!

4. Oregon's for real people! Ive only been saying this since they handed Mich. there jocks at Michigan. If Dennis doesnt win the little guy with his hand in stiff arm mode, its a joke.

3. A&M, Notre Dame, and Nebraska should ALL be looking for hed coaches next year. Sadly, Im only confident Nebraska will actually do anything. There beatdowns are becoming more and more legendary by the second. Normally when you hear milestones associated with Nebraska you think wins and yardage. NOT thorough ass whippings.

2. LSU showed me heart against Alabama. Real grit. I can say that this team BELONGS in the Championship Game. No Question. The only problem is, who should they play? Im not convinced that THE OSU is worthy of the big game, but LSU is.

1. BC, it was fun while it lasted huh? The number 2 slot in CFB is a gimmick spot. Youre not #1 and every one thinks youre there b/c of a week schedule. You do your job , and try to compete, and one upset free falls you to 8th. Its a sham..But seriously, yall wern't that good.

5 NFL Things I learned

5. Adrian Peterson's a Man! ROY lives in Minnesota. Believe that. 296 yards passing is huge, but rushing my man thats MVP worthy. Say it with me now, Adrian Peterson's a top 2 Running Back as a rookie. I defy you to name anyone better then him when he's starting and getting the same amount of snaps.

4. The Panthers are not going anywhere this year. Damn. I had this team in the Superbowl. Of course this was Before they signed Carr, and I had assumed Delhomme would be healthy all year. Oh well.

3. If youre a Browns fan, do you want to see BQ next year? Im jus sayin. Derek Anderson's playing manly, yall are winning, and God forbid yall get a running back next year. Its over. Yall are young, hungry, and talented. Good Times in CLE. (which make up for the Bad Baseball and Basketball finishes)

2. Cowboys Packers, and Pakcers Lions are turning out to be 2 helluva good games soon. I think the Pakers win 1 of these, but rihgt now I honsetly dont know which one. Detroit's playin like 10 wins is a minimum, and Dallas is NFC elite.

1. The Patriots will not lose a game all year. Period. Yesterday was the last chance the NFL had to stop them. They can hang it up now. Anyone left on the 72 Dolphins who thought they were buying some cold sparkly champaign can hang it up. Its over....

Quick Shots

I GOT ATE ALIVE with picks this weekend. Its ok though, we all have those weekends. There was some great football played this weekend. Dont worry fam, next week I'll be back on track.


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