Friday, November 02, 2007

Old Skool Friday and My Redonkulous Football Picks

Some songs I quote often, and this is one of them. Bobby recked it on this one..


Go with the Home team in this garbage game

Cin v Buff
Why dont I feel good Picking Cin

Den v. Det
Lions are the sucky team that figured it out this year

GB v. KC
GB's coming off a MNF emotional win. Theres nothin left for sunday.

SD v. Min
Chargers are Back!

Jac v. NO
Statement game for both, but wiothut Stroud, it seems like NO should hold serve.

Was v. NyJ
Was is gonna make the Jets PAY for there beatdown

Car v. Ten
VY shows the haters he can pass for 200+

Ari v. TB
Go with the TB. To bad WR'S can win it all , all by themselves.

Sea v. Cle
Cle is the Second look at me now team

Hou v. Oak
Oak holds serve at home. Hou just plain sucks right now

Dal v. Phi
Go with Phi at home. They get amped for Dal every time they play them no matter where its at.

Bal 13 v. Pit 27
Pits playin really good despite all the losses. Bal is gonna have to make the change at QB.

Probably the best regular season game you'll want to see. Initially I lie everyone else was going Patriots. Its pretty simple, they blow cats out, and then go lookin for dinner. Then I switched to the Colts. There home, they get no respect yada yada yada.. Now I have no idea who to go with.
Until this morning. Ive decided to hitch my wagon with the Colts and here's why. No team lives for the big stage like this one. There tough, hungry, and pissed. Payton's gonna bring it, but it wont matter. Pats win a close one 35- 32


LSU v. Alabama
Upest Alert!!!
Fam, this one reeks of a potential upset. Nick Saban is gonna have this team amped up for this one. His old team is coming in to play his new team. Plus, if the suspensions hold up, there crucial enough to make a HUGE impact. Saban's return to College starts with this win.

Florida St. v. BC
Matt Ryan reminds us why he will GO in the First round Next Year. Expect the Blowout of Bowdens bunch.

Texas v. Ok St.
Take OK ST. They play Texas tough every year. Even when VY was there. Texas hasa no answers for the speed this team has at wideout. Im a Man, and I say go with the Cowboys!

Rutger s v. Uconn
The Girls basketball school gets a reminder that they are just that.

ASU v. Oregon
The best game on TV will not dissapoint. Dennis Dixon and Stewart are gonna have there work cut out for them against this D. I still say that at home though, they'll prove to be to much.
Oregon wins 28-17


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