Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My list of the Worst Halloween Ideas at the Party

Here's a list for THOSE of you wanting to be cute on Halloween . Please note im hear to help you so that at the party you can come away happy, and not BEATDOWN.

10. Going Tranny

Yall gone make me go there huh??? Here's why this doesnt work. If youre a pretty boy, and you go with this look, ya boyz gone clown you for life, and secretly wander what your sister And the Ladies, they want nothing to do with the dude who looks better in the 7 jeans and blonde wig then they do. Plus when trying to stay in character, some of yall will hit the wrong walk or lick your lips in the wrong way that will come of as a touch much fem....WAAAYYY to slippery a slope.

9. Blackface

My melanin challenged friends, I know at first glance this one seems easy, but let me reassure you the moment the black folk show up, you gettin yours..FOR REAL...Nothing says hidden reacist more then the guy or gal who shows up lookin like they been playin in shoe polish..Not to mention the playing up of the negative stereo types to "stay in character"..Its not worth it.

8. Dressing Like Someone At work..

If youre gonna go with this one, be prepared to be hated on..Its enevitable. Someone who likes the person YOU HATE is gonna tell..Dont get me wrong, Ive seen this pulled off, but, when the PICs got developed, it got ugly!

7. Homeless Look..

Skates to close to you being poor in real life.. I had a cat come to a Halloween Party I threw once and said he was dressed as a Nam vet. A week later he wore that same outfit to go out clubbin with us...

6. Slutty Chick

This NEVER WORKS. And what makes it bad is the person you least expect, is the one with her chest and a$$ out tryin to portray themselves as the out of shape playboy bunny. Saggy fun bags need to be well hidden. I dont need yo chest out all over the cookies. And for those bold enough to wear a costume with a thong as an assecory, please note: THONGS ARE A PRIVILEDGE and A RIGHT. If youre priviledged enough mentally to wear this in a public setting, then ITS THE PERV FROM ACCOUNTINGS right to stare.. I say again slutty ALWAYS ends bad.

5. Caveman

Fellas, I assume its not a stretch to say that SOME OF US, could use a trip to the GYM. Those of us whom felt that rock, SHOULD NOT be trying to expose the BEER GUT. Leave at home for wifey..Single guy, I aint sayin the ladies are to shallow to overlook this flaw, Im just sayin if you do go with this, for the love of god SHAVE, and mix in a situp..

4. Terrorist

Dont Laugh. Ive seen a light skin cat dressed up like Osama once. That cat pissed off alot of people. He thought it was funny but the Brads and Becky's at the Military Party didnt share in his sentiment..

3. OJ with a Small Glove

Another one I dont reccomend at a mixed setting Party. Statement costumes are tricky..You mean well but someone is sure to look at you as problamatic..

2. Sex Organ

This one is getting old. Ive seen the Vagina girl, and the guy walking around as a penis with matching shoes that represent N%+z..The girls making the pro-women hear me roar statement. And the guys sayin, I wanna f*ck! AND RIGHT MU'PUCK'N NOW!!!! I cant comprehend either's logic behind there choices, but I try my best to NOT get in there pictures. 10 yrs from now my son will pick up a picture book and I dont need him to see me holding a d!(%, or hugging a Larger then life Vagina...

1. Nothin at all.

Look if for nothing else if youre invited to go to a Halloween party, have fun, it is a party right??Even if you can throw some face paint on (please remember #9 some of you) its better then nothing. Halloween is that Rare holiday even the athiest come out to play for. In my party till breakfast day's, I threw and went to some of the bestHalloween parties. Im not sayin that if I were throwin a party to not show up at all if you werent able to play, I am sayin that for once in your life if you can, have fun and look silly. Life's to short. Just keep some of the tips mentioned above in perspective..


At 9:41 AM , Blogger P said...

There is this talk radio station out here and this black lady (she is actually one of my friends on my website - Heidi Hamilton) she dressed up as a black chick for Halloween, talking about she likes black girls. Well, what exactly does "Dressing up as a black girl mean". Well, of course, she blackened her face, put on some bamboo earrings at least two pair, as well as some other crap). Jeez, when will the Becky's and Bill's of the world finally get it.

PS: Wonder if Dog the Bounty Hunter would consider dressing up as a brother, considering all the trouble he's in. You can now officially rag on him all you want now, courtesy of me.

At 1:15 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I was gonna wait for your take on it P, (picture this title, Dog the racist, N-bomb droppin red neck)

Trust me, I thought about it long and hard, but I didnt want to step on for the costumes, yeah thats them not getting it..Ive seen that get up before myself. The moment they took it to far, and they always do, thats when someones feelings get hurt..

At 3:59 PM , Blogger P said...

LMAO @ Take it too far. They do, don't they.

I actually mean that Heidi is one of my friends on myspace and I wonder in WHAT way she likes black chicks, because her pendulum definitely swings in both directions, ifyouknowwhatImean.

At 6:53 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

in my exp. with the Becky-tpyes its been nothin more then tryn to figure out if b/c our skins different, does that mean were different..(habits, techniques, etc..)

from the both side of the gate question thats a toughy.I have a lez homie, and she says race mixin is non existent by and large in the Chi. its really taboo...


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