Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Football Round Up

College Summary

I wanna take this time to Express my Compete FRUSTRATION with the BCS Program. I know this is me piling on, but its my blog and I gotta say what I feel.

First Your Championship Game

You missed on it Completly.

You Picked

LSU vs. Ohio St.

It should have been

Oklahoma vs. Georgia

Here's why, Oklahoma, BEAT the number 1 team on a Neutral field. Thats Not like Ohio St losing there #`1 Ranking on there homefield, or LSU loosing at HOME to Arkansas to close out there season. Georgia, is playing better then anybody right now, and the only reason they got jobbed was b/c they didnt win there bracket. Its about who's the best, and they are.

Secondly, How do you put Kansas in a BCS game when they lost to Mizzou, and Missou was ranked #1. There only losses are to 1 team, and that team is playing in a BCS Bowl.

Hawaii to the Sugar Bowl? Why not put them in the Fiesta? There Fans are alot mroe closer to AZ then NO. Also, as far as timezones go, the PST is alot more convienent then CST for Hi residents to watch the game.

I know, and everyone else does that its all about the LOOT. But if this season doenst tell you that a playoff is needed, then nothing will. I can make a case for USC, OKL, GA, LSU, OHST, Va Tech, and if you push me, A healthy Oregon Squad.. This is a joke. Yet the fat catz waltzing to the bank could care less if you laugh or not.

On to the Pros.

5. Uh, Bengal Fan, I hate to say it, but somebody either needs to be fired or let go at seasons end. You guys should be embarassed at the product you trot out there. All that talent, and youre LAST in your div. Dead EFFIN Last.

4. The Vikings are gonna sneak into the Playoffs and be that team NO ONE wants to see. Yes there one dimensional, but when you have to guys capable of running for 350 plus yards, you can afford to be that way. Just as long as your QB plays mistake free.

3. Titans fan, those are the games that you have to win. Good Job. Oh and to the Vince haters out there, did you catch the stat sheet? 247 passing 2TD's. Thats winner stuff when it counts, Yes his overall line is low, but please bare in mind that this is his SECOND yr in (and in the AFC no less) and his team is in the wildcard chase.

2. Cleveland Brown fan, controversy or not, you dont lose to the Cards. That game shouldnt have been close to begin with. If youre outside looking in, remember this game. It will sting.

1. Dolphin fan if youre out there, that just might do it. Im not sayin yall might not win another, b/c Buff help yall out, but wow, you needed to beat the Jets. You just had to. That loss was killer. If you go 0-16, will the boys fom 72 pop the bubbly? I mean its kinda the same thing right?

Finally, Redskin Brass, that was a very Classy Move. I didnt see it coming. EVIDENTLY, neither did Coach Gibbs. All that aside, even though you loss, its nice to see that you guys gave him props. I'll miss him, as a player, and I know you guys will miss him that much more.


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