Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GIP On Sean Taylor

Today one of my Guest Bloggers who like me was a serious Sean Taylor Fan decided he's weigh in on the Sean Taylor situation with his take on how this not only affects Sean's Family, but our community as a whole. ede

Yesterday this world lost a great athlete but most importantly a wonderful husband, friend and provider.
Sean Taylor’s death is not only tragic it also reinforces the echoes' of the mantra of killed or be killed that is plaguing the African American community and this nation as a whole. The situation surrounding Sean’s death was not the all too common theme of random gun violence associated with a late night at the gentlemen’s club or a feud with some longtime nemesis. No, Sean was at home with his wife and child! Let me reiterate Sean was at with his wife and child. Home; the one place every American has some reasonable expectation of peace and comfort.
I was truly taken aback by the circumstance around Sean’s death. A home invasion robbery turned homicide resemblances a untimely fate reserved for drug dealers and other unsavory person(s) who have chosen the underworld as haven, not of a professional athlete who used his God given ability to provide a better lifestyle for his family. Sean ‘s untimely death forces each American and especially African Americans males to ask ourselves where does this chaotic behavior end. Why is it so much easier to pick up a gun and take a life to get what we want rather than pick up a pen and fill out a job application? When did it become cool to take what another man has worked so hard to gain rather than want to achieve the same things for yourself?
In closing I ask everyone who is reading this article please take the time to talk your children, younger cousins, nieces and nephews about morals, values and the tranquility of life. To paraphrase a Bible verse “What good is it to gain the world and have nothing in haven.”
Just ask the Taylor family no amount of earthly wealth will bring such a promising young man back.


At 10:27 AM , Blogger P said...

Sean Taylor. Dead. For nothing. Frankly, I don't care if it was a set up, or a random act of violence. When we have come to a point where the loss of life occurs over having 'beef' with someone, or trying to attain some kind of 'bling'that doesn't belong to you, then it is only the sign of the times, where men turn against men, in the most abrupt, spineless ways. I'm not going to get on my soapbox, but we really do have to address why there is inherent evil in this world. There has to be for someone to take a life and property that isn't yours to take, or own.

At 9:56 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

crabs in a barrel P, and G.

We gloss over that more then anything. We are a people who will not allow for our own to be succesful without critizism, or straight up assault. Its easier to rob your fellow man, then to equal his actions. its a shame, but its reality..


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